Complete independence

One could argue: the company already has an accounting department and a back office that process the same data and provide information on portfolios. Why would they need something else?

The director of a large management company described his problem this way: “Managers are asking for bonuses for management results that are not confirmed by accounting. If you look at all the calculations — everything seems to be correct. We need an independent source which will act as a mediator” …

Here is an opinion of the head of the investment division of a non-state pension fund: “First of all, GAMA Time Machine is an investment portfolio management system. Since this software is not associated with systems used for accounting, you can safely experiment with the procedure for record-keeping and evaluation, and simulate transactions. Essentially, we are talking about a database for the purposes of the investment process.”

Speaking of the analytics that can be obtained using the GAMA Time Machine, it is unlikely that record-keeping systems for the back office or accounting department can compete in the volume of analytics and the speed of obtaining it.

First, they have completely different tasks that do not require such speed in obtaining and processing information. And given modern realities, in a day or two such information may no longer be needed. Secondly, the main task of the accounting and back office is record-keeping and not analytics.

Finally, the use of independent systems is an additional tool for monitoring the quality of information within the company. Companies that already use the GAMA Time Machine can give many real-life examples where the system’s implementation identified errors made by the accounting or back office departments. Some companies have completely switched to calculating fair prices using the GAMA Time Machine whose features in this regard are much wider than most accounting systems.

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