InfoStroy’s development of GAMA – Global Asset Management — takes its offset in a profound desire to provide customers in need of Portfolio Management with a comprehensive end-to-end solution. By working closely with European partners, InfoStroy today markets a proven, solid, stable solution with integrated multi-currency and multi lingual native capabilities. GAMA offers a truly unique approach for the tasks involved with traditional and complex portfolio management, such as unique analysis and modelling facilities. The solution is extremely fast in terms of calculating the complexities involved, due to the sophisticated dedicated database which habitually outperforms traditional RDMS based systems.

The development team continues to add feature/functionality to reflect new requirements in the market, and changes in legislation. The majority of the new development is customer driven, and InfoStroy works with an agile software development philosophy which allows for close interaction with users to ensure their requirements are fully met.

Dyalog APL is InfoStroy’s development environment of choice. Over a wide set of problem domains (mathematical, science, engineering, computer design, robotics, data visualisation, actuarial science and more) APL was originally created as a way to describe computers by expressing mathematical notation in a rigorous way that could be interpreted by a computer. Few other programming languages offer the comprehensive array functionality of APL, and the language is, therefore, the ideal choice for InfoStroy’s software development of solutions which requires fierce, complex and fast calculations in near real-time.