GAMA is the leading Asset Management Solution for Financial Asset Portfolio Management in the Russian market today. Based on 25 years of strong international recognition, this comprehensive solution offers multi-currency and multi lingual native capabilities. GAMA is a proven, solid, stable solution, and over the past few years, this has meant, that GAMA has been implemented by an impressive list of large blue chip reference customers in Russia.

GAMA offers a truly unique approach for the tasks involved with traditional and complex portfolio management, such as unique analysis and modelling facilities. The solution is extremely fast in terms of calculating the complexities involved, due to the sophisticated dedicated database which habitually outperforms traditional RDMS based systems. Other key functionality includes comprehensive portfolio analytics, evaluation of the efficiency of the investment in terms of ROI and comprehensive reporting tools for Tax Authorities, investors and other relevant stakeholders.

A GAMA solution is delivered with embedded expertise gained from many years of use in different financial markets. The solution thus helps investment managers to easily asses the optimal mix of different investment vehicles.

Many years of international partnerships in Asset Management ensures that GAMA not only supports and delivers an intuitive work process — natural for Investment managers — it is also incredibly fast and offers unprecedented flexibility and functionality which consistently exceeds customer expectations.

GAMA is supported by a highly skilled world leading support and maintenance team. Documented by regular customer surveys the team lays claim to delivering the best maintenance and support in the Russian market today.

GAMA — Direction and Control in Portfolio Management