Markets & Applications

InfoStroy’s solutions are developed to address the requirements for Portfolio Management and Settlement Management in a wide range of business sectors. From Brokers over Pension Funds to Investment and Wealth Management Companies and more. Each sector has its own unique requirements in terms of tax legislation and reporting which obviously necessitates individually tailored solutions. Hence, we fully appreciate that each implementation has to support the business processes pertinent to your particular needs.

Click on the interactive diagram below to see more about how we address individual requirements to YOUR particular business sector.


  • Advanced Portfolio Analysis
  • Market Modelling
  • GIPS compliance
  • Customisable report generator
  • Integration with accounting software

Wealth Management

  • Multi-currency accounting
  • Complex portfolio structures
  • Holistic approach

Pension Funds

  • Track limits
  • Risks
  • Stress testing
  • Fee calculation
  • Evaluation for registration compliance

Investment Companies

  • Asset allocation in pools of portfolios
  • Brokerage commission calculation
  • Legislation compliant reporting
  • Client reports

Bank Investment Department

  • On-line portfolio
  • Limits
  • Stress testing
  • Management of bank funds
  • Money market instruments

Investment Management Companies

  • Portfolio analysis
  • Risk measures
  • Performance measurement
  • Link to EDI
  • Reports in compliance with legislation