Technical Support

One of the main advantages of working with InfoStroy is that maintenance is carried out, — literally — by the most experienced specialists in investment and asset management software in the Russian market. In most cases, the problem you’ve encountered has probably already arisen in one form or another in one of the dozens of implementations we have in Russia or Europe. Therefore, we may already have different options for solving it readily available in the software already installed at your site. Our highly competent support service will quickly sort out the situation and offer you an efficient solution without loss of time and at no additional cost.

New versions
We automatically supply new versions of software at no extra cost. We recommend that you always use the latest version of the software and we ensure that your settings are kept intact.

Correction of errors
Even the best of systems can encounter an error. Our goal is to detect and correct possible errors before they potentially become a problem for the customer. We work with vigorous in-house testing and we regularly update the software to ensure smooth operation without any problems.

Enhancements and advice
Given the dynamic nature of the markets our customers operate in, there are a number of ongoing enhancements to the software. These include adjustment calculations relating, in particular, to the change of legislation.

We also offer comprehensive advice on technical issues related to using our software, including;

  • customisation and integration with existing and new software complexes, defined by our customers
  • import settings from existing and new data sources
  • assisting in the formation of customer accounts

We also offer advice on how to solve applied problems associated with investments and finances.

Experience gained by hundreds of GAMA users through many versions of the solution over 20 years is available to you through our technical support and consulting team.

Support and consulting are conducted as follows:

  • Online: phone, ICQ, Skype, IM.
  • Offline: e-mail, voice mail.
  • Client visits: by agreed appointment