White Papers

Secrets of Investment Evaluation

If you operate or manage portfolios of securities, you are not simply faced with the problem of assessing the impact of your investment. You could of course seek advice in the books on the theory of investment and financial management which describes various approaches to evaluating investments, the calculation of profits / losses and various types of returns. However, one can hardly find ANY practical guidance on how to apply this knowledge in major financial institutions and no advice is given on how to take the peculiarities of the Russian capital market into account. Read the whitepaper here.

Distributed Financial Investments

Different legislation in individual countries can pose a challenge to investment companies -and in some cases even limit the extent of their activities. Investors are obviously forced to adhere to the legislation, and this means that diversification naturally is directed into business areas where the optimal investments are permitted and legal, as well as beneficial for the yield of the investment. Once the optimal instrument has been found and invested in, this leaves the task of integrating the monitoring of the investments into the Asset Management solution which looks after the entire business as a whole. Read the whitepaper here.