The acquisition and implementation of products such as GAMA may represent a challenge for the organisation. Experience have shown, that most clients do not migrate their automation platform ‘horizontally’ i.e. from a similar system. Therefore, there is often a requirement for a ‘vertical’ transition — migrating from a simpler solution which is more limited in scope and feature/functionality.

When involved in a vertical migration there is a need for training on two levels:

  • Training of the staff working with a high level of automation of routine activities.
  • Training in the new software product with a view to the fact that it is constantly evolving in accordance with the volatile nature of the business.

InfoStroy offers an educational process in three phases

Phase 1: The initial stage of implementation, which takes place in the client’s office
Multiple individual client staff sessions conducted by InfoStroy specialists covering:

  • clarification of changes in the usual workflow of the client’s business – using the new software
  • learning how to work with the basic features of the new software

Phase 2: Completion of the implementation
Training lessons for all affected client staff to address — in detail – how to use the new software specific to everyday tasks.
The training takes place in the client’s office.

Phase 3: Operational phase
Courses with in-depth study of specific features of the product and examples of their use to increase the efficiency of the software use.

The courses are conducted according to client specific requirements and by mutual agreement. The training can take place either in the office of the client or in the InfoStroy office.