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We are pleased to announce two long awaited products in the new version of GAMA: scenario forecasting and stress testing of non-state pension funds using a method projected to come into effect this year!

In this release, we focused on making GAMA work with OpenXML spreadsheet files (“xlsx”) independent from Microsoft Excel.

In the new version, we paid a lot of attention to various aspects of yield calculation, including: the yield to maturity (YTM) for floaters, the internal rate of return (IRR), calculation of weighted average cost of capital, on the basis of which the MWR yield is calculated, and made the TWR calculation period more vivid.

In the new version, we have focused on quality assurance of market data as a basis for correct asset valuation and adequate analytics. We are pleased to present the long-awaited new products — GAMA Market Agent and GAMA Terminal!

The new version gives you access to the results of the first improvements from a series of planned technological innovations. It also includes opportunities related to the initiatives of the regulator and third-party information providers. We implemented the long-awaited import of data on the sectors of the economy of issuers and simplified asset revaluation procedure. And this is not a complete list!

Newly announced regulations to support the financial sector resulted in improvements to GAMA. Specifically, the regulator indicated a need to automate calculations in a special manner. The new version of GAMA provides the possibility of evaluating securities prescribed by Bank of Russia Directive No. 6073-U dated February 25, 2022.

The new version of GAMA provides additional opportunities for calculating yield, controlling IPS’, calculating the term for closing positions, and selecting alternative investments.

InfoStroy, as a GAMA developer, always promptly responds to changes in stress testing. The new version of the system offers stress testing of NPFs according to new scenarios, as well as the ability to export data on assets and stress testing parameters to the model file of version 5.6.

Natalya Rubtsova, Head of Cbonds API, comments:
“For several years now, we have been actively cooperating with Infostroy, jointly providing assistance with current tasks to Russian participants in the financial market — Non-State Pension Funds, Insurance Companies and Management Companies.

To meet the requirements of the Bank of Russia for NPFs, funds must keep primary records of transactions with assets, monitor their financial stability (stress testing), analyze the efficiency of transactions, and much more. NPF Socium chose GAMA portfolio management system and Cbonds API market database to assist with these tasks.

Perhaps the most anticipated functionality of the new version for NPFs is the profitability factor analysis — the calculation of new profitability indicators calculated from various items of income and expenses.

GAMA offers a wide range of calculations, as well as a growing variety of information needed to make management decisions. Given the amount of data GAMA has to process at any point in time, in this version we prioritized increasing system performance. Among other things, version 18.0 offers improvements in TWR calculation, recalculation of data from the base date, and general recalculation of portfolios.

In the new version, we continued to develop GAMA’s comprehensive quality check of market data: the work of existing checks was improved and new checks were added. As always, we also paid attention to market data imports.

Proper portfolio analytics requires an in depth assessment of all contributing assets. We paid a lot of attention to this issue in the new version.

It’s been a while since we surprised you with new updates, so this time we combined two versions in one — 17.3 and 17.4. The key task was to expand the analytical capabilities of the system. At the same time, of course, we did not disregard the issues of checking the quality of market data, stress testing, import work and more.

The importance of accuracy and completeness of market data cannot be overestimated. In the new version, we focused on expanding the possibilities of checking such data and its usability.

The changes introduced in the new version of the system cover a wide range of topics — from adjustments to import settings to stress testing NPFs.

A key feature of the new version is the expansion of automated control over data quality. Now you can be sure of the accuracy of bond redemption schemes, which in turn will provide a correct assessment of assets and forecast of cash flows in stress testing!

The main feature in our new GAMA version is the ability to assess assets as part of the “anti-crisis” measures stated in the Bank of Russia’s Ordinance No. 5419-U as of March 24, 2020. In addition, we are pleased to present the first (of many planned) features that allow checking the quality of market data!

In the new version, we focused on the issue of floaters, ensuring the calculation of the current accrued interest for the two most unusual ones (tied to RUONIA) and the calculation of future rates forecasts using complex formulas for stress testing purposes.

In the new version, we addressed the setup of methods for assessing the fair value of assets, report preparation, convenience of the interface, and a few other small-scale, but nonetheless important aspects of the solution.

Working on the new version, we focused on developing analytical functions. An updated module of fiduciary responsibility, new functionality for comparing the dynamics of changes in market prices and yields, a new set of ready-to-use dashboards and many more new and impressive

In this release, we continued to work on expanding the capabilities of the Fiduciary Responsibility module, the algorithms of which are based on methodological recommendations issued by the Bank of Russia Collective Investment and Trust Management Department from June 2019. Now, along with the test for questionable bond purchases, you can also access replenishment calculations. Currently, the “Fiduciary Responsibility” module is working in test operation mode. We expect that in the future versions of GAMA’s capabilities will be expanded. In the future, this module (as well as the module “Stress test of the Central Bank”) will be provided on a rental basis.

The main feature of the new version is the implementation of the module “Fiduciary Responsibility”, which identifies questionable bond purchase transactions. The algorithm is based on methodological recommendations issued by the Bank of Russia Collective Investment and Trust Management Department (June 2019).

The stress test corresponding to the newest model of the Central Bank of Russia is the highlight of V16.0. This new feature expands the capabilities of stress testing, while remaining compatible with the requirements of the regulator, which include exporting data to the model files! With an abundance of innovations, an increase in various settings, and the new calculation algorithms required significant revisions to the interface, increased control for the completeness and quality of data, and additional analytics during stress testing.

The Regulator always manage to keep the non-state pension funds and GAMA’s development team on their toes. The Bank of Russia announced its new requirements for the stress testing procedure and a new model file ahead of the release of GAMA’s new version. However, we have already started working on ensuring the data export into the model.

In the meantime, we present you GAMA V15.4.

Upgrading GAMA to version 15.3 will allow you to access a variety of new features. The most time and work were put into stress testing. However, we also paid close attention to other tasks, such as expanding control of investment portfolio declarations. In addition, we have been creating new imports and improving the previously implemented ones.

Sofia Berdysheva is the new analyst at InfoStroy.

The key feature of GAMA’s new version is the implementation of the Cental Bank of Russia requirements for stress-testing directly in GAMA — now the “Risks” module includes «Stress test CB.» This is not the only update – V15 includes an impressive list of new features.

GAMA made another successful implementation of the portfolio management system in Non-State Pension Funds. Now JSC «NPF «NEFTEGARANT» will manage their asset portfolios in GAMA.

An eventful beginning of the year (new Regulations of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation 4579-U on the procedure for calculating the RSA and NAV of NPFs and 4636-U on the requirements for organizing the risk management in NPFs) gave a new powerful start to the development of the GAMA functionality for assessing the Funds’ portfolios under the new rules.

As of February 7, 2018, GAMA manages 1572 billion rubles of NPF assets (according to Investfunds as of September 30, 2017).

InfoStroy welcomed the new member of the customer support team — Elina Streltsova.

JSC «NPF» Stroykompleks» (

InfoStroy is pleased to announce that GAMA Version 14.0 is now commercially available.

As of March 31, 2017, GAMA manages 1,045 billion rubles of NPF assets (according to Investfunds). Today, every third ruble of Russian NPFs is managed in GAMA.

Growing number of financial companies justified the GAMA capabilities.

25-26.05.2017 St. Petersburg hosted Investfunds Forum VIII – a conference of institutional investors (
The purpose of the conference was to unite all groups of institutional investors, enable managers to find new customers, investors to get the best asset management offers, and software developers to demonstrate their innovations.

Yuri Misharin is the new manager of the implementation department at InfoStroy.

Growing number of financial companies justified the GAMA capabilities.

InfoStroy announces the release of a new version of the portfolio management solution GAMA V13.

Irina Lvova is a member of InfoStroy’s development team.

InfoStroy is pleased to announce another successful implementation of their portfolio management solution – GAMA implemented in the NPF VTB Pension Fund.

We interviewed the Managing Director of «NPF «Mechel-FUND» Vyacheslav Momot about the Fund’s investment in InfoStroy’s GAMA portfolio Management solution.
Here you will find his answers to a series of questions on how to choose the right system for portfolio management and what criteria to use.

The development of GAMA continues with leaps and bounds and InfoStroy is planning to release GAMA Version 12.0 — in the second quarter of 2016.

InfoStroy has completed the integration of GAMA and the web services from Cbonds. OFZ-IN supported in full.

Elizaveta Rumyantseva has joined InfoStroy as a member of our team for portfolio management systems development.

If you are based in Moscow, you can meet our best specialists face to face in our new Moscow office.

Another GAMA Implementation completed: InfoStroy is pleased to announce the successful implementation of the GAMA portfolio management solution in the Private Pension Fund AO “NPF” “Volga-Capital”.

Three more funds have begun to manage their assets in GAMA: NPF «MECHEL-FUND», NPF “Surgutneftegaz», and JSC NPF «Almaznaya osen».

Successful introduction of the Asset Management Solution has eliminated huge amounts of manual paperwork

InfoStroy is pleased to announce a new successful implementation of their GAMA portfolio management solution

Sneak preview of new developments in GAMA Version 11 plus much more.

Focus on GAMA Version 10.0 and InfoStroy’s move into social media.

Focus on new analytics, risk calculation and portfolio modeling in new 64-bit architecture

InfoStroy has implemented new features into GAMA for calculations covering long and short positions portfolios.

InfoStroy is pleased to announce a new successful implementation of the portfolio management solution — GAMA.

Increased sales of market leading GAMA Portfolio Management Solution prompts complete re-design of the company’s visual image.

Increased system performance achieved through multi-core capabilities and powerful new version of the Dyalog APL interpreter.

New functionality in the integration between GAMA Portfolio Management and external data sources.

Update includes complete re-design of profit/loss calculations for swap contracts.

InfoStroy is delighted to announce the celebration of its twentieth anniversary.

Appointment of Andrew Goloushkinym represents a significant expansion.

InfoStroy announces sponsorship of the Wealth Management and Private Banking in Russia & CIS Conference.