Bespoke Solutions

There are at least two reasons why businesses may require custom development from InfoStroy:

  • The company does not have an in-house team of developers sufficient to meet their need for a specialised software development requirement.
  • The company needs a special expansion to an existing software solution, but there is neither a license present, nor experience for doing the development.

As the leader in software solutions for portfolio management in Russia for more than 20 years, InfoStroy offers development services for specialised software for analysing and managing financial assets.

In many cases, custom development is performed on the GAMA base platform. Both platforms provide comprehensive basic functionality and offer a wide range of generic modules, such as import, export, reporting, and more. This results in significant savings to the customer, since clients only pay for ‘pure algorithms’.

Moreover, if a requested software development represents a commercial interest — and is not perceived as ‘confidential know-how’ — InfoStroy, with the consent of the requesting client, can offer such specific solutions to their entire client base. As a result, a custom software development can often pay off the entire development (not taking into account the financial results, obtained from the use by the client), but also generate a profit.

If your company has a need for specialist software development please contact us on Telephone +7 (812) 325-9093 or e-mail