Reference Clients

“We have been studying the various software solutions available in the market with similar capabilities, and we found that GAMA offers the optimal price versus quality. InfoStroy, implemented a feature for quick generating of reports, reflecting the structure of the investment portfolios of the Fund in terms of assets, issuers, their credit quality, duration, echelon of liquidity, sector, etc. for us. Now we can immediately see how the financial result is made and, the extent to which it is influenced by transactions in different financial instruments. We hope that this will help us to facilitate a more in-depth dialogue with our management companies to improve the yield of the investment portfolios of the acceptable risk level for the Fund.”

«The strengthening of the control over the process of investment by the Central Bank of Russia and the changes in pension legislation required the Fund to participate more actively in the process of investment of pension funds, which is not possible without an appropriate software solution. When choosing GAMA, we were guided by our own goals, as well as the technical requirements for the software solution. Along with that, a truly important factor for us was the extensive experience of InfoStroy Ltd., as the company has worked in this market for decades. They certainly know what is required when reviewing and controlling the processes involved with investment of pension funds. GAMA has created a real opportunity for the Fund to step up to a new level of managing asset management companies. GAMA provides a long and impressive list of features the most important of which for NPF’s are:

  • automating the process of the investment management monitoring;
  • development of high-quality and reliable risk management system;
  • planning the structure of the investment portfolio, taking into account the obligations of the Fund.

Interacting with the Support department at InfoStroy, we see excellent and efficient working professionals, and we aim to develop a long-term business co-operation.»

Review after check performed by the CENTRAL BANK of RUSSIA for NPF «Orenburg NPF»Doverie”
«We completed the check in January. It took two months for the Bank of Russia to facilitate this process. I cannot imagine, how we would have survived, without your software solution. Based on this experience, if we were to do it all over again, it would take us much less time to make a decision to buy GAMA. Bearing in mind the requirements of the credit institutions, the Central Bank of Russia already requires from Funds like us, no NPF would survive without appropriate software. The main conclusion after the two months checking process is that the Central Bank of Russia believes that we can actively manage their portfolios rather than hope for the asset management companies to do a good job.»

«For us, the most attractive features in GAMA are the great customization capabilities and the rich choice of portfolio analytical indicators. This provides us with a convenient, and easy to understand, display of intelligent forms, graphs, charts and reports. During the review process we looked at various options for automated portfolio management, and this resulted in a decision in favour of implementing the solution proposed by InfoStroy. GAMA allows us not only evaluate the efficiency of investment in each individual security in a portfolio and the portfolio as a whole, it also provides us with detailed information on the sources of efficiency. This really helps to evaluate our investment management and make the necessary decisions. GAMA is integrated with Quik, from which it receives data on prices and transactions. Much work has been done to control the interaction of the two systems. There is still work to do on completing the integration of our REPO transactions into the system, and adjusting GAMA to our own computations of the portfolio management fees. However, already now we can say that our choice was the right one.”

«Any growing business requires innovation to be competitive. For our company, which is currently in the next stage of growth and development, the introduction of GAMA is a strategic step as the system will allow us to provide our customers with more timely, accurate information on the status of their assets. As a growing company, the introduction of GAMA also provides us with the platform which enables us to compete on a higher level. The introduction of GAMA and GAMA+ will further enable us to fully evaluate the effectiveness of portfolios by the GIPS method, thus increasing the overall transparency of our portfolio management. There certainly is a reason why the volume of assets managed by GAMA and its European versions today totals more than 850 billion Euros!»

«In addition to GAMA having a very good functional and a flexible system design, which allows us to solve many problems in the integration of operations with securities, another huge advantage is the people who work in the company. In terms of customer relationship and support InfoStroy is one of the best companies in Russia.»

«We evaluated a selection of systems on different platforms, but the approach to accounting and portfolio analysis in GAMA — which operates with a comprehensive integrated system for portfolio management — was closest to our internal views on how to manage the process. We still need to refine our requirements for the system in order for it to fully support all of our activities. We have had the GAMA team working with us for a month for installation and testing, and we can already now say that GAMA does everything which has been promised. This includes modification of the solution to our specific company requirements. Management and balancing account portfolios are already up and running in a real job quotes and we are also importing live transactions from the Quik system for reconciliation of balances on the individual portfolios held throughout the company. GAMA is of course a very comprehensive solution and it would not be feasible to attempt to test all the feature/functionality over one month. However, we have firmly been able to review the possibilities and the skills of the development team to the degree that we are confident that the system provides the ability to quickly be adapted to all of our requirements. This is why we have chosen to invest in GAMA.”

«The GAMA functionality and the embedded system for portfolio management of securities meet the requirements of automated systems for asset management, and suggest a complex solution to problems related to automated investments. The GAMA software solution allows you to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of portfolio management and provides a large amount of information necessary for making decisions on the choice of investment strategies. In addition, the quality and efficiency of the technical support in GAMA allows us to solve the problem of optimizing the investment process.»

«Despite the differences in the organization of the stock markets in Russia and Ukraine, we were able to fully implement all of our requirements into the GAMA solution within a year. This ranges from the structure of the portfolios to completing a variety of reports and analytics. InfoStroy played an important role and I would especially like to highlight the company’s openness to cooperation and their willingness to make changes to the solution. For us, the main advantage of the GAMA solution is that we have managed to combine the sales operation, back office and financial monitoring, into one single solution, which has greatly increased the efficiency of these units and the company as a whole.»

«We have now worked with GAMA for more than 2 years. As the system design is very logical, it is incredibly easy to learn, both for people who have worked in the securities market for a long time, as well as for beginners. When we get new staff onboard, they manage to master GAMA very quickly. It is highly valuable for us as an organization that training is so easy, as this means there is virtually no loss of work time.

«In terms of generating reports, we benefit from the fact that it is easy to view and obtain the required data. This allows us to generate reports to suit individual customer requirements, something which is crucial in terms of documentation. I would also like to commend the high degree of responsiveness from the InfoStroy support team. Despite the fact that our company is located in Moscow, and InfoStroy is based in St. Petersburg, we are very pleased with how quickly employees of InfoStroy Ltd. respond to our needs and how fast they are in terms of helping to solve any issues we may have. As a result, we can only say one thing: We have never regretted choosing GAMA for our Portfolio Management.”

«During the development of the Khanty-Mansiysk Private Pension Fund, we needed to review and analyze market information and account for the securities purchasd when placing pension reserves. We analyzed the software products on the market meeting against our specified requirements and chose GAMA from InfoStroy — the portfolio management software solution. The contract for software installation and maintenance was signed in Autumn 2005.

GAMA provides a very wide range of options; you just need to understand what you want from it. During the GAMA implementation, we sometimes found it difficult to appreciate what the software could do but solved all our problems with the aid of InfoStroy’s software support team. Until now we have not needed to use all of the software features but, as we change and develop, we find new options to help us.»