Maximum automation

It is obvious that the efficiency of the GAMA Time Machine depends on the quality of uploading it with primary and market data, and this is a significant amount of work. Companies often involve several people from accounting department and the back office to enter and check the data.

GAMA Time Machine includes two “employees”: “Market Agent” and “Agent”.
The “Market Agent” is engaged in uploading the GAMA Time Machine with market data and checking its quality. The result is reflected in an intuitive and clear way: if the screen is green — you can continue working, if it’s red or yellow — warning, you should not work.

The “Agent” deals with other routine tasks: uploading transactions, cash flows, calculating fair prices, calculating portfolios, risks, monitoring investment restrictions, generating and sending reports, and much more.

The two AI employees take care of all routine operations without ever taking a sick day or going on vacation. The task of the GAMA Time Machine user is like that of a Formula 1 pilot: drive the car to the finish line and the rest is the team’s responsibility.

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