Extensive and unique analytics

The GAMA Time Machine calculates about 150 indicators for each portfolio position such as fair values, book values, financial results, various returns, risks, etc. One might ask, what other information can it provide to make it more efficient and unique?

The model for constructing and displaying data in GAMA is unique on its own and differs from traditional systems available on the market. GAMA Time Machine was initially designed not for record-keeping functions but for the analytical ones. This enables you to manipulate data in a variety of planes and obtain the most unexpected, and often very helpful and relevant analytics as quickly as possible.

Here are a few examples:

  1. GAMA Time Machine can assess the cost, financial result, and profitability of the portfolio without taking into account certain assets (for example, it can exclude the influence of large packages of securities in the portfolio).
  2. It can obtain analytics for a group of securities selected according to a certain criterion (for example, a criterion that has never been used before).
  3. It can plan an asset management business budget for the next reporting period.
  4. It can obtain the yield to maturity for each unsold batch of securities to check to what extent the purchases were reasonable at the time when they were made.
  5. It can estimate the value of the same portfolio using different methods.
  6. It can provide financial analytics on the same portfolio for different jurisdictions in different currencies.

This is just a few examples of GAMA’s analytics. In your case it may be completely different. The tasks solved by the GAMA Time Machine are often confidential in nature and can’t be made public. The key point is that the GAMA Time Machine is designed to maximize your ability to obtain the most sophisticated analytics required to solve the most challenging investment problems.

Traditional systems could potentially provide some of these analytics. However, this usually requires involving the back office, accounting, or IT specialists (vendor’s or your own), while with the GAMA Time Machine all of the information listed can be obtained without the involvement of third-party specialists.

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