VI Annual GAMA User Conference

After a two-year break, on May 18, 2022, Infostroy held the GAMA User Conference, which took place in St. Petersburg for the sixth time. It was attended by our esteemed colleagues from Moscow, Surgut and St. Petersburg.

The event covered the most pressing issues of risk management (stress testing of funds), performance evaluation (features of calculating TWR and MWR), selection of alternative investments, portfolio evaluation methods, and displaying data in GAMA. Other covered topics included the new module «Credit risk» and the main features of GAMA V19: GAMA Market Agent (automatic updating of market data and checking their quality) and GAMA Terminal (displaying portfolios and company status in real time). GAMA V19 will be available to our users this summer.

 Conference program:

 • Market data quality check
 • New developments in stress testing
 • Evaluation of return on investment
 • Work with analytical panels
 • Updates in fair price calculation methods
 • Selection of investments
 • Ratings and credit risk assessment
 • GAMA «Lifehacks» • GAMA V19: two cherries on the cake
 • Questions related to GAMA support

 • Current and future plans

The relaxed and informal atmosphere, traditional for Infostroy conferences, facilitated easy communication between colleagues and friends, as well as the exchange of experience and views on the directions for further development of the market and the system.