InfoStroy held the 4th annual conference of GAMA users on May 16, 2018

On May 16, 2018, InfoStroy held the fourth annual GAMA user conference, which was attended by representatives of the companies that use GAMA, as well as our potential clients.

During the event, the company’s experts presented the most important and useful features that have been introduced in the system over the past year, highlighted the specific features of the previously developed and expanded capabilities of GAMA, and also discussed a few future product development plans concerning the new GAMA V15 functionality in particular.

As a result, the conference covered a wide range of topics: accounting issues (asset evaluation at fair value, accounting for REPO transactions), risk management (stress testing by the Central Bank scenarios), analytical capabilities of the system (alternative investments, dynamic dashboards, G-curve visualization, TWR extensions), data quality (new and extended imports, maintaining the relevance of market data), and finally, the interaction process between the company and users.

Traditionally, the conference provided an opportunity for the guests to share their experiences and for the host country to learn more about the areas of development that are currently in high demand.