InfoStroy sponsored the Investfunds XII annual conference

InfoStroy Ltd. sponsored the XII annual conference of institutional investors Investfunds, held on May 21-22, 2021 in St. Petersburg. The event covered a variety of topics: changes in the collective investment marke during the pandemic, prospects for the pension industry development, new trends in investment strategies of the collective investment market representatives, new and reviving instruments, as well as a surge of interest in investing among individuals.

Marketing Director Dmitry Roman gave a speech titled “GAMA — when data speaks”.

“We have been developing asset management software for over 30 years. And from time to time we see reports with a large number of figures, graphs, and diagrams. But, often times, because of this quantity and variety, it is difficult to understand what these figures and charts are trying to convey to us. Keep in mind, this data can help increase the company’s competitiveness in the market. The purpose of my presentation was to show a small part of how GAMA portfolio management system transforms data, turning it into a source of valuable information for making investment decisions,” said Dmitry.

• How to quickly and visually identify assets that have the most impact on the efficiency of portfolio management?
• How to make factor analysis more informative for the implementation of your investment strategy?
• How to control the share of total risk of a position in a portfolio?
• How can stochastic financial market modeling and scenario analysis be used for portfolio management?

These are the questions that were raised and discussed at the GAMA presentation.

Finally, “GAMA Terminal” sparked keen interest as the new product, which allows to receive extensive analytical information on investment portfolios in real time. Now with GAMA Terminal, you are not asking the computer about your portfolios. Now, wherever you are, GAMA will tell you everything about your investments and risks!