Report from InfoStroy’s participation in the 2015 — 2016 winter season conferences

InfoStroy sponsored a number of prestigious conferences during the winter 2015-2016 season

International Conference on «The Russian market NPF Reloaded in a pension maneuvers. The results of the structural changes and development prospects » — took place December 3rd 2015 in Moscow

InfoStroy sponsored this prestigious International conference, which was focused on «The Russian market of SPC: reboot in terms of pension maneuvers. The results of structural changes and prospects».

At the conference InfoStroy’s Director of Marketing Dmitry Roman gave a presentation named «GAMA: A new look at the Non State Run Pension Fund work.”

The conference was organised by the National Association of pension funds (NAPF).

Round Table discussion: IT-solutions for institutional investors — February 11, 2016, Moscow

The Round Table was titled «IT-solutions for institutional investors» and was organized by Cbonds.InfoStroy was the main sponsor.

The Round table was kicked off with a presentation by InfoStroy’s Marketing Director Dmitry Roman. The presentation was focused on new features in GAMA version 11.5 to National Pension Funds and was titled «GAMA: a new look at the work of the NPF. You know how to invest, we know how to compute».