The Conference Season, 2015

InfoStroy is planning to participate and speak at several conferences during 2015. Below you can review the dates and events:

1. WorkshopWebinar «Practical implementation issues of risk management in Non Government Pension Funds (NPF).» Moscow, NAPF, 21/04/2015

The seminar is devoted to the theory and practice of risk management in general as well as having a specific focus on the special requirements for NPF’s.

2. Investfunds Forum V — Institutional Investor Conference
June 4—5, 2015, St. Petersburg

The Forum is organised to bring together all groups of institutional investors, and create an opportunity for managers to find new customers. For investors, the Forum is aiming to provide an opportunity to review, how they can get the best asset management deals.

InfoStroy Ltd. – represented by our leading GAMA brand — is sponsoring the Forum.

During the conference, InfoStroy will present the GAMA (Global Asset Management) solution. The Forum further gives us an opportunity to show delegates the new, and enhanced, dedicated NPF features, which we have implemented recently.

3. Dyalog ’15 International User Conference, Naxos Beach, Sicily, Italy, 06-10.09.15

Dyalog ’15, the annual opportunity for APL users to exchange experience, update their technical knowledge through product training and workshops and influence Dyalog Ltd’s direction through discussions with the Dyalog Development Team. Implemented in Dyalog APL, The Global Asset Management (GAMA) Solution is the leading application for asset management in Russia and the Former Soviet Republics.