Investment Companies

During the past few years, automation of internal accounting and portfolio analysis in Investment Companies has become the essential element of success, by providing the ability to demonstrate experience in working with a dynamic system of ‘first trustee’.

GAMA offers a wide range of tools for tasks such as portfolio analysis, management of complex portfolio structures and allocation of transactions. The solution also caters for automated creation of a complete range of legal and management reports — for clients, portfolio managers and management. GAMA‘s report generation offers flexible configuration options for calculating the balance, rates of profit and profitability, the market value of the portfolios and other parameters. Thus, users of the system can produce reports in accordance with GIPS standards, and in compliance with the requirements of the Federal Financial Markets Service, or any other regulator.

The GAMA + add-on module offers managers a flexible and intuitive tool that gives them full control. Likewise, founders get control over their assets. You also get a tool that allows you to showcase the results of management of existing portfolios to potential new clients and help you advise and select an appropriate investment strategy.