Pension Funds (Non-Governmental Pension Funds)

Asset management in Pension Funds is a dynamic sector in the Russian market. GAMA is the mission critical solution which manages the collective investments and pension funds for 4 of the TOP-10 Pension Funds in the Russia. GAMA is considered the market leading Portfolio Management Solution in the Russian market, helping Pension Fund clients manage assets worth billions.

GAMA gives users comprehensive control over, and deep insight into, their management companies, provides comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of the management of pension funds and reserves, controls restrictions on the composition and structure of assets, not only according to legislation, but also in accordance with the contract with trust management.

A key GAMA feature for Pension Funds is the ability calculate the balance, and the evaluation of portfolios using completely different rules. The standard functionality of the solution allows you to simultaneously calculate all the parameters of the portfolio in accordance with the accounting policies and in accordance with the instructions of Federal Financial Markets Service.

The GAMA + add-on module give users the facility to analyse the dynamics of earnings, profitability, asset value in management and allocation, thus providing exhaustive control of the investment process.