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Expanding Integration of External Data Sources in GAMA

01 - 05 - 2012

New functionality in the integration between GAMA Portfolio Management and external data sources.

InfoStroy, a leading Russian developer of solutions for management of portfolio of securities, announces new functionality in the integration between GAMA Portfolio Management and external data sources as follows;

  • A solution to address a complex and well-known problem in the Russian market on maintaining current and correct references of the issuers and the securities. Previously, the solution to this problem was addressed by imports from issuer websites and from Cbonds Investfunds. Unfortunately, experience has shown that frequent changes in the structure of these websites lead to incorrect behavior of imports. However, since the same information, which provides Cbonds, is publicly available on Finam Rusbonds, imports have been designed to complement the existing capabilities of the system. Thus, if for some reason, customers cannot update their directories, bond users are now able to do this with two additional imports.
  • A solution to a well-known problem when importing the credit rating history of the issuers. As many Portfolio Managers will know, importing information about the issuer from open sources is always fraught with the problem of compliance, especially when it comes to matching the issuers in the accounting system with the data source, as there is no option to uniquely identify the issuer. The name of the issuer cannot be used because it may change, the search for TIN is not used in all the resources, and often it is not even entered into the database system because it is not required legally and therefore is not used in reporting. InfoStroy has now implementing a new import for the history of ratings of issuers to hold a binding code for the security using the website from the Cbonds agency. Thus, if the database in GAMA contains at least one bond issuer, the user now has the ability to automatically download and update the history of its top credit ratings from international rating agencies.
  • A newly designed facility for importing quotations for securities using YAHOO! FINANCE as the information resource. This provides GAMA users with the opportunity to receive instant information on securities trading on leading trading floors around the world.
  • Improvements of the system modules responsible for importing transactions from Quik, which has resulted in significantly improved stability. Bearing in mind, that the system allows in-line quotes and import transactions from the trading system, and Quik, respectively, to carry out a rapid assessment of portfolios — taking into account the imported information. Further, the module has been designed for matching imported transactions from Quik with the broker reports — the primary document for recording transactions. The user thus has full control over the information received from various sources and can quickly identify and resolve emerging differences.

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