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GAMA Development — GAMA Version 12.0 is coming to your desk soon

17 - 03 - 2016

The development of GAMA continues with leaps and bounds and InfoStroy is planning to release GAMA Version 12.0 — in the second quarter of 2016.

Our priorities remain the same as always: to ensure the comfort, clarity of presentation of the data, and the maximum automation of manual work. The newest GAMA version provides a completely new implementation of a tool for data visualisation which will enable ‘at a glance’ monitoring of the state of the Fund’s assets, as well as the performance of asset management companies.

Work continues on the expansion of the portfolio analysts. The new version provides advanced KPIs at the position level, such as the internal rate of return, and the period of closing the position.

We’re currently busy with the development work related to risk management, in particular, the VaR parametric method computations.

User will experience major help in the work on portfolio management as GAMA Version 11.5 will provide automatic reconciliation of the portfolio data against specialised depository reports. This functionality significantly reduces the time needed for reconciliation, and helps to avoid discrepancies in the results of in-house calculations versus that calculated by specialised depositories.

We are working hard on the embodiment of calculations and reporting in GAMA in accordance with the «Sector Accounting Standards for Securities Transactions in Non-credit Financial Institutions» (Central Bank Regulation # 494-P). We are currently planning to deliver this new functionality in GAMA 12.1 which will become available later this year.