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GAMA installed at Orenburg NPF ‘Doverie’

10 - 11 - 2014

InfoStroy is pleased to announce a new successful implementation of their GAMA portfolio management solution

Another successful implementation of the portfolio management solution GAMA has recently been completed in the privately run pension fund ZAO Orenburg NPF ‘Doverie’, where GAMA now manages all portfolios of assets.

Sergei Mazaryuk, Head of investment and analysis of ZAO Orenburg NPF ‘Doverie’, commented, «The requirement for strengthening the control over the process of investment, issued by the Bank of Russia, as well as changes in pension legislation, necessitates the Fund to participate more actively in the process of investing pension funds. Without GAMA, we would not have been able to comply easily with these new requirements.

«We chose GAMA, because it was clear that the solution could process the mandatory tasks with ease. GAMA also offers a large degree of flexibility, and gives us the possibility of implementing future functionality. In addition, the long experience InfoStroy Ltd. has in asset management was a very important factor for us.

«By implementing GAMA, the Fund has a real opportunity to take the operation to a new level when working with asset management companies. The solution allows us to solve a variety of problems, the most important of which are:

  • investment management automation
  • development of a high quality — and reliable — risk management system
  • planning the structure of the investment portfolio with regard to the legal obligations of the Fund.

«When interacting with the GAMA support department, we experience a flawless and efficient relationship with highly qualified professionals, and we are looking forward to a long-term business cooperation.»