Press Releases

Introducing GAMA V16.6 !

19 - 04 - 2020

In the new version, we focused on the issue of floaters, ensuring the calculation of the current accrued interest for the two most unusual ones (tied to RUONIA) and the calculation of future rates forecasts using complex formulas for stress testing purposes.

Now, when importing bond specifications, a distinction is made between offers of two types — irrevocable and by right of the issuer.
The availability of imports was ensured under the conditions of changes that occurred at data providers (updating the Bank of Russia website and switching to a new server at Interfax).
The range of types of “Expert RA” ratings downloaded from Interfax was expanded.
The list of bond types for downloading data for NRD price imports was expanded; performance and logging have been improved.
The informativity of the special report “Average daily trading volume” was increased.
Finally, the capabilities of the criteria for assessing deposits were expanded and the “Correction by indices” criterion improved.