Press Releases

Introducing GAMA V17.4!

02 - 02 - 2021

It’s been a while since we surprised you with new updates, so this time we combined two versions in one — 17.3 and 17.4. The key task was to expand the analytical capabilities of the system. At the same time, of course, we did not disregard the issues of checking the quality of market data, stress testing, import work and more.

When working with portfolios, each manager has their own goals and objectives. But how would one achieve them and what tools would they use? Today, we present to you a new module — «Investment Selection». It is designed to facilitate the process of selecting debt instruments that meet specified parameters, such as through comparing them with the G-curve and indices.

For risk managers, GAMA already has many tools (control of portfolio limits, calculation of market risks using various methods, calculation of interest rate risks, scenario analysis, and others). So far, the issue of credit risks has not been properly developed. This gap has now been closed! We are glad to present you a new module — «Credit Risk». Within its framework, two indicators are calculated: expected credit losses for a specific instrument (based on the specified default probabilities and recovery forecast) and the credit risk of the entire portfolio (using random variables – the Monte Carlo method). Our work on both new modules will continue so we would love to hear your feedback, comments, and suggestions for improvement!

Any insights become unnecessary if they are built on outdated data. To ensure data integrity from various external sources is promptly and correctly updated in GAMA, we are constantly working with imports. The new version includes imports of issuers and imports of the consumer price index (CPI). Changes have been made to the work of existing imports as well. In particular, we disabled the update of issuers when importing specifications.

Data quality is the second key element of competitive analytics. In the new version, the quality control of market data has been continued. The display of irrelevant data has become even clearer: the corresponding symbol is displayed directly in the tables. What if you forgot to do a data quality check before stress testing? Previously, this may have caused errors in the stress test. Starting with GAMA v17.4, there won’t be such problems! Now the validation of market data is automatically performed during stress testing.