Press Releases

Introducing GAMA V17.5!

22 - 03 - 2021

Proper portfolio analytics requires an in depth assessment of all contributing assets. We paid a lot of attention to this issue in the new version.

There is a tendency towards complicating methods to determine fair value, therefore a number of criteria have received additional updates.

Even setting up the grading algorithm in GAMA itself becomes a simple task. Now our customer service team will be able to send you the required settings in a file that you just have to press a button to download. The system will be ready to calculate fair prices according to your rules!

What if you need to understand the calculation of fair value? To do this, we expanded the information reflected in the log files, which will help you check GAMA calculations.

Of course, we did not limit ourselves to the issue of asset valuation: the stress test has been improved in accordance with the latest comments from the regulator, the asset liquidity assessment algorithm has been expanded and, of course, we continue to increase user experience while working in the system.