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Introducing GAMA V18.1!

22 - 09 - 2021

Perhaps the most anticipated functionality of the new version for NPFs is the profitability factor analysis — the calculation of new profitability indicators calculated from various items of income and expenses.

This functionality was dictated by changes to the Bank of Russia directive No. 4623-U dated November 27, 2017, effective from October 1, 2021, regarding the procedure for filling out reporting forms 0420254 (for non-state pension provision) and 0420255 (for state pension insurance).

The new version also includes an analytical dashboard to make it easier to fill out these reporting forms.

Many GAMA users already take advantage of the capabilities of analytical dashboards, the construction of which is carried out using the library of data visualization utilities integrated into GAMA from DevExpress.

In the new version, we made significant changes to the dashboard functionality. Their reliability and load capacity have dramatically increased.

Another upgrade to the dynamic and constantly updated dashboards was support for multiple dashboard servers, which delivers impressive performance and data refresh rates.

GAMA’s new version also includes changes in data quality, asset valuation, imports and interface.