Press Releases

Introducing GAMA V18.2!

19 - 12 - 2021

InfoStroy, as a GAMA developer, always promptly responds to changes in stress testing. The new version of the system offers stress testing of NPFs according to new scenarios, as well as the ability to export data on assets and stress testing parameters to the model file of version 5.6.

GAMA also optimized the procedures for calculating the ranking and determining the country of the issuer.

In terms of analytical indicators, the calculation of the average invested capital for shares with dividend payments was clarified and the consideration of offers when calculating the period for closing a bond position was provided.

To speed up the calculation of fair prices for bonds and deposits, the analysis excludes instruments redeemed at the date of calculation.

Changes have been made to market data imports to prevent possible failures in case of incorrect indication of codes of securities, absence of dates in the archive, and limited access to information resources.

In addition, GAMA V18.2 includes an expanded range of information available for import, improved quality control of company data, and a refined procedure for analyzing credit risk.