Press Releases

Introducing GAMA V18.4!

03 - 06 - 2022

Newly announced regulations to support the financial sector resulted in improvements to GAMA. Specifically, the regulator indicated a need to automate calculations in a special manner. The new version of GAMA provides the possibility of evaluating securities prescribed by Bank of Russia Directive No. 6073-U dated February 25, 2022.

In addition, the new version of GAMA includes expanded capabilities of several market data quality checks and introduces a new one — “Indicator Rates”.  Special reports interface has been improved and the ability to export the state of the General Portfolio for the last days of the months has been added.  Changes have been made to the order of work of imports and the display order of some market data. We also changed the names of some variables, fixed typos, and added new variables to the analytical panels.