Press Releases

Introducing GAMA V18.5 !

20 - 09 - 2022

The new version gives you access to the results of the first improvements from a series of planned technological innovations. It also includes opportunities related to the initiatives of the regulator and third-party information providers. We implemented the long-awaited import of data on the sectors of the economy of issuers and simplified asset revaluation procedure. And this is not a complete list!

Of the technological innovations implemented in the new version, the most significant are: a change in the administration of user rights and the export of tables to MS Excel format files without using MS Excel directly. Due to technical innovations at Interfax, we have made changes to the algorithms for importing data from this source. In addition, in case of failures during the import process on the side of Interfax or Seabonds, we have automated repeated attempts to obtain data.

As always, we promptly responded to the new NPF stress testing scenarios and the regulator’s comments on the algorithm for choosing the maximum rating.