Press Releases

Introducing GAMA V19.0!

12 - 01 - 2023

In the new version, we have focused on quality assurance of market data as a basis for correct asset valuation and adequate analytics. We are pleased to present the long-awaited new products — GAMA Market Agent and GAMA Terminal!

The GAMA Market Agent application is an indispensable assistant in updating market data. This is a GAMA component that runs in the background and ensures the execution of tasks aimed at filling the database with market information according to a given schedule. The app comes with a set of fully customized tasks and is ready to go.

The GAMA Terminal application allows you to get visualized information about the state of portfolios and their analytics in real time without the need to install GAMA.

GAMA Market Agent and GAMA Terminal are already available to GAMA GLOBAL users!