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InfoStroy Launches New Website

08 - 06 - 2012

Increased sales of market leading GAMA Portfolio Management Solution prompts complete re-design of the company’s visual image.

Taking the consequence of their strategic move into new markets outside Russia all the way through to their visual branding, InfoStroy, the leading Russian developer of solutions for management of portfolios of securities, has launched a dual language website in a new contemporary design.

Founder and MD of InfoStroy, Alexei Miroshnikov, says, “When we decided to embark on the development of GAMA +, the analytics and data visualisation module that sits across GAMA, it quickly became clear that we would now need to work with a stronger branding strategy. This has resulted in a complete re-design of the visual image and a new website. As we have also been experiencing increased sales of GAMA outside the Russian market, we have found it necessary to adopt a dual language approach with Russian and English content being equally represented. When we originally embarked on the development of a solution for portfolio analysis we worked closely with Western partners, and today more than 20% of all pension funds administered by the Pension Funds in Russia are managed and accounted for through the portfolio accounting and analysis in GAMA. Building on our experience in working with European partners, we decided to work with a design and website development partner in the UK to ensure a modern look ‘n feel with easy navigation and the new design will hopefully make it much easier for our customers to find all the product information they need. The new site further reflects that fact that InfoStroy has been developing an increasing number of customised solutions for different market applications such as Pension Funds, Wealth Management Companies, Banking Investment Divisions, Investment Management companies and more.”

Vibeke Ulmann, Managing Partner of Catalyst Communications in London, has worked closely with InfoStroy on the development of the new website. She says, “It has been a really interesting project for us as a company. InfoStroy is our first Russian based client and we were incredibly proud to have been selected to work with their new communications strategies. The process of developing the new visual identity has been fun and challenging as we needed to evolve to an image which adequately reflects the sophisticated solutions the company develops and markets. Speaking from a personal point of view, the project has also been a welcome challenge as it has forced me into a steep learning curve in terms of the market leading Portfolio Management and Settlement Solutions that InfoStroy markets. It is obvious to me why the company has carved such a significant market position in Russia and why the solutions are now sought after in markets outside their traditional home market.»

InfoStory will now be seeking feedback from the users. Most notably, the site will frequently be updated with new product information as well as press releases and case studies. The company is also planning on launching an electronic newsletter in the near future.

If you would like to peruse the new website please visit