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InfoStroy announces FOREX Module Upgrade

01 - 04 - 2012

Update includes complete re-design of profit/loss calculations for swap contracts.

InfoStroy, the leading developer of portfolio management software in Russia, announces a new upgrade to their GAMA FOREX module.

The new update includes a complete re-design of the profit/loss calculations for swap contracts. Hence, when doing currency swaps to hedge currency risks, GAMA now allows the calculation of the profit to the full extent corresponding to the ‘logic’ of an operation. Suppose that you enter into the swap by buying in dollars for roubles. You then get an asset denominated in dollars, which is uniformly increasing in price. Now, regardless of changes in the exchange rate USD / RUR, a graph of the profit/loss rouble portfolio over time will look like Figure 1.

Figure 1: Profit/Loss hedged currency position

Other changes include an update for forward exchange. The new scheme provides for payments, which are spaced in time i.e. the date of the contract, the profit fixing date, and the date the profit is received.

For more information about the possibilities of the new FOREX module, please click here (link to GAMA Maintenance page)