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InfoStroy Ltd. celebrates 20 Year Anniversary

15 - 03 - 2012

InfoStroy is delighted to announce the celebration of its twentieth anniversary.

Managing Director and co-founder, Alexey Mirosnikov, says, “We have travelled a long and arduous journey from the days when three enthusiasts founded the company just as the Russian Federation epoch started. This allowed us work with Western partners in a project to develop a solution for portfolio analysis. Today, we have group of companies with more than 60 employees and we’re considered the leading provider of portfolio management and analysis in Russia.”

“Looking back and remembering the traversed path, I am pleased to note our achievements and the resulting market position. We are incredibly proud that more than 20% of all pension funds administered by the Pension Funds in Russia today are managed and accounted for through the portfolio accounting and analysis in GAMA. And the number of customers and partners has continued to grow year on year.”

“We have managed to retain the core team — professionals who started the business two decades ago (scary thought!). But equally important, we have also been able to recruit new young talented employees – so we have someone to rely on in the future.”

“I believe that one of the reasons for our success is that we have been able to maintain an efficient balance between cooperation with our European partners and working with clients in Russia and the post-Soviet market space. In doing so, we have managed to safeguard the business and make it highly resilient to the financial shocks of recent years, whilst still offering our customers the use of the most advanced European technology in portfolio management.”

“The future always has its challenges, but we have reason to believe that we are on track to continue to achieve our goals on a going forward basis. More importantly, we will continue to help our users to become even more productive when working with GAMA, the best Portfolio Management Solution in the market today.”