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Introducing GAMA Release 9.0

01 - 06 - 2012

Increased system performance achieved through multi-core capabilities and powerful new version of the Dyalog APL interpreter.

InfoStroy Ltd., a leading developer of portfolio management software in Russia, is launching GAMA 9.0.

One of the most significant differences in the new version is the increased system performance. This has been achieved through better use of multi-core capabilities, as well as the use of a powerful new version of the Dyalog APL interpreter.

At the same time, InfoStroy is also releasing a 64-bit version of GAMA especially designed to work with particularly large amounts of data. The 64 bit version could be considered a predominantly technical release, however, InfoStroy points out that a significant amount of work has gone into the programming. Using 64-bit has also provided the platform to further develop the basic computation algorithms in GAMA in virtually unlimited memory. In the near future, GAMA users can therefore expect an impressive speedup of hitherto time consuming tasks.

As part of the development of the new version, great effort has been put into the expansion of interfaces to external sources of information. For example, InfoStroy has successfully solved an inherent problem relating to the Russian market, namely — keeping up to date references to securities and issuers. Because of this, users now have the ability to seamlessly import security specifications from three different sources, and use the history of the credit ratings of issuers in the portfolio accounting and analysis. Special attention is given the import of foreign securities quotes from the YAHOO! FINANCE –site. Consequently there is now no need to specially prepare the data, as the GAMA import can just be run.

Thanks to the improvement of the communication interface with trading systems, in particular, Quik, users are now able to fully meet the challenges of middle-office, see the on-line status of the portfolio and control limits. By importing all the required data, GAMA can now perform a reconciliation of imported transactions against the supporting documents the following day.

The accounting system functionality has been expanded to take into account the accrued interest of deposits in accounts receivable, count the cash balance on the scheduled dates of payment, as well as calculate the average portfolio value for the management company commission modules on weekdays only. It should also be noted that InfoStroy has developed a fundamentally new method for calculating profit and loss on swap contracts in the Forex module. The new method fully meets the objectives for using it as a hedge.

InfoStroy is convinced that Version 9.0 will help users of GAMA to an even easier and more convenient workflow and has already begun working with major clients on their upgrade.

See a list of all the enhancements and changes in GAMA 9.0 here.

If you would like to find out more about the many improvements in GAMA 9.0 please contact the GAMA support team on Phone: +7 (812) 232-1434 or e-mail: