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Introducing GAMA V16.0!

16 - 07 - 2019

The stress test corresponding to the newest model of the Central Bank of Russia is the highlight of V16.0. This new feature expands the capabilities of stress testing, while remaining compatible with the requirements of the regulator, which include exporting data to the model files! With an abundance of innovations, an increase in various settings, and the new calculation algorithms required significant revisions to the interface, increased control for the completeness and quality of data, and additional analytics during stress testing.

A significant portion of the features was implemented based on the wishes expressed by the participants of the GAMA conference held on May 15, 2019.

We implemented:

  • remuneration and pension schemes;
  • processing of assets with valuation at amortized cost and REPO positions;
  • re-evaluation of real estate and cash in foreign currency;
  • an opportunity to reflect selected items of debts by separate positions;
  • exclusion of individual assets from testing;
  • testing for liquidity with regard to sales.

But that’s not all! The list of innovations continues:

  • Floater rates forecast: now — based on the entered formula and initial data — GAMA software automatically calculates future cash flows on bonds with floating coupon rates, which means that you no longer have to carry out such calculations manually!
  • Validation of data: now with a single click perform 25 different data quality checks, which means you’ll be more confident about the results!
  • Dynamic results: now you have access to information about the change in time of various financial indicators under various selected scenarios!
  • Personal scenarios: now you do not need to restrict yourself to stress-testing scenarios set by the regulator — stress testing can be carried out according to your own scenarios!

In addition to the new features associated with stress testing, the new version implements several minor but important improvements in the following areas:

  • inflationary bonds;
  • alternative investments;
  • REPO positions;
  • imports;
  • fair value;
  • application «Agent»;
  • Information support.

Detailed information about these features of GAMA can be found in the documentation for the system. In case of any questions, our customer service specialists are always ready to help you!

We hope you enjoy GAMA’s new 16.0 version of the industry’s leading software!