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Introducing the new version of the GAMA solution — meet GAMA V15!

16 - 08 - 2018

The key feature of GAMA’s new version is the implementation of the Cental Bank of Russia requirements for stress-testing directly in GAMA — now the “Risks” module includes «Stress test CB.» This is not the only update – V15 includes an impressive list of new features.

The initial release date has been moved due to the Central Bank’s recent order No. OD 1474 regarding the new stress test scenario requirements. Although we had to take more time to work on this issue, we are pleased to finally announce that the new version of GAMA allows users to conduct a stress test based on the new requirements of the Central Bank.

Therfore, using the «Stress test CB» sub-module you can perform calculations based on the older scenarios as required by order 4060, and the new scenarios, approved by order OD-1474. In addition, the new version allows you to use custom scenarios which can be changed at your own discretion! This feature provides even more choices for assessing the financial stability of your portfolios.

Despite the fact that the stress test was our key focus, we addressed a few other valuable and relevant issues:

Fair value:

– a number of new criteria for market activity rates, price criteria, new parameters for deposit assessment criteria

– extended logging of the fair price calculation results for deposits

– default selection of the last user’s chosen rule upon entering the fair pricing screen


– updated imports settings for currency rates, ratings, specifications of the inflation securitie, as well as guarantors’ data

– import of trades with shares into a section different from the standard one

– during an import of bond REPO transactions in foreign currencies, GAMA provides an exchange rate for the second leg of the import on the date of its execution.

– added utility, which allows you to produce a proper exchange rate recalculation for previously imported transactions

Yield analysis:

– Bond module — yield analysis now includes several options to build the diagram and the yield curve (enabling and disabling of the display of the G-curve, the yield curve, names of securities, as well as the display of spread values for G-curve of selected bond);

– Total portfolio — new variables added to the Holding table: the Yield on G-curve and Spread.


This is just an overview of a few features from our long list of updates that we designed and implemented to make your work in GAMA more comfortable and productive.