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Meet Elizaveta Rumyantseva

17 - 08 - 2015

Elizaveta Rumyantseva has joined InfoStroy as a member of our team for portfolio management systems development.

She graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics at St. Petersburg State University in 2015. Elizaveta studied C/C++ and Pascal programming languages, she also trained as a systems analyst in a Digital Design company.

«I like that I can use the knowledge I have, and at the same time I learn a lot of new and useful things from the sphere of finance. My new colleagues are always helpful which enables me to understand the emerging issues. Programming in APL was initially frightening because of the specific syntax and the ‘squiggles’, but it quickly stopped being so, and instead I now see it as a very useful and powerful programming language for me, and for InfoStroy. «

During her younger school days Elizaveta graduated from the School of Music in piano and she still plays. In her spare time she practices yoga and loves to roller skate.