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Meet GAMA V14

03 - 08 - 2017

InfoStroy is pleased to announce that GAMA Version 14.0 is now commercially available.

In GAMA V14 we paid special attention to such features as:

  • Integration of the NPF stress-tests model designed by the Central Bank of Russia)
  • Enhancing of the “OSBU” accountancy rules implementation
  • Enhancing of computations related to currency instruments, this includes expanded functionality of the REPO operations in GAMA
  • Dynamic dashboards implementation – the feature that provides a full and dynamic picture of the managed assets (including the business owner’s dashboard)
  • Expanded list supported market in operation data sources (including import from NRD)
  • A lot of improvements to minimize manual data entering into the system (including automation of coupon/redemption confirmations).

We believe that such features are relevant not only for the NPFs, but also for any asset management company. We are sure that the new features of GAMA V14 will be of interest to both existing and potential GAMA users.