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New Solutions for Asset Management in Global Markets

23 - 01 - 2012

InfoStroy announces sponsorship of the Wealth Management and Private Banking in Russia & CIS Conference.

The Leading Portfolio Management Software vendor in Russia — InfoStroy Ltd. — today announced that they will be sponsoring the Wealth Management and Private Banking in Russia & CIS Conference which is taking place in Moscow on January 30-31, 2012. The Conference is the premier event in Russia where professionals working in wealth management on behalf of private clients and banking meet up to discuss topics such as; diversifying investment portfolios, tax strategies, and other relevant subjects.

Dmitry Roman, Marketing Manager at InfoStroy says, “Legislation in individual countries creates certain restrictions on the conditions and rules of conducting investment business. As a result, there is a natural tendency for investors to diversify into business areas where a certain type of investment is not limited or restricted and is expected to be profitable. This further means that investment managers are increasingly required to evaluate the entire investment business as a whole, rather than evaluating individual assets. Solving problems in portfolio management for investments in global markets is – for obvious reasons — not a topic which is discussed widely and openly in the professional community. Therefore, most policy decisions in this area are classified as ‘internal’. It is well known, that internal software developments to support these policies are often riddled with weaknesses. This is where the GAMA Asset Management Software Suite can make a major difference to companies. GAMA is a unique solution, combining years of experience of many investment management companies handling highly complex, non-trivial situations, into one integrated solution. Users of GAMA habitually become so reliant on the system that they switch it on at the same time as their e-mail and stock information.”

At the Wealth Management and Private Banking Conference, GAMA will be demonstrated live and interested parties will get an opportunity to get acquainted with some of the sophisticated feature/functionality the solution offers for portfolio management and managing client assets in global markets. The live demo will include:

  • New features for effective accounting and portfolio analysis using the control system in GAMA
  • The advanced functionality and the easy-to-use analytical tools embedded within the portfolio management in GAMA
  • The construction of complex structures of investment portfolios and their use in practice, demonstrating GAMA managing investments in global markets
  • The ease of integrating the GAMA Portfolio Management Solution into existing software solutions in YOUR company

Established in 1990 InfoStroy Ltd. designs, implements and maintains Integrated Financial Software Solutions. Outside of its Russian shareholders, InfoStroy is backed by Danish Insight System ApS and Italian based APL Italiana SpA — the leading European developer of financial software for Asset Management in Insurance companies. Since 1992, InfoStroy has been developing and marketing systems for portfolio management, also known as Asset Management). Since 1998 the company has further developed and marketed systems for settlement management and fund management.

To register for the Wealth Management and Private Banking in Russia & CIS Conference please go to:—cis#ENG