Press Releases

New version of GAMA — V14.5

22 - 02 - 2018

An eventful beginning of the year (new Regulations of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation 4579-U on the procedure for calculating the RSA and NAV of NPFs and 4636-U on the requirements for organizing the risk management in NPFs) gave a new powerful start to the development of the GAMA functionality for assessing the Funds’ portfolios under the new rules.

In GAMA V14.5 we paid special attention to:
• the transition from the market price based value of the portfolio to the fair price based value and saving the entire history
• expanding of the rules for determining the fair value of portfolios
• expanding the list of sources of imported information
• increasing the number of operations with assets
• and, of course, we keep reducing the amount of manual data entering into the system. In the new GAMA, it only takes one click to see the list of new securities on the market and get their specifications into the GAMA database! One click does your daily reassessment of the desired date range!

We constantly expand the Knowledge Base where you can quickly find an answer to all questions you have. If you can’t find the answer you need, our support team is always ready to help you. As soon as we find the solution to your problem, it will be added to the Knowledge Base for future reference.

Obviously, such tasks are relevant not only for the Funds, but for any company that manages portfolios. We are confident that the new features of the GAMA solution will be of interest to both existing and potential users of GAMA.