Mark Daniel, Managing Director, North Asset Management

«We evaluated a selection of systems on different platforms, but the approach to accounting and portfolio analysis in GAMA — which operates with a comprehensive integrated system for portfolio management — was closest to our internal views on how to manage the process. We still need to refine our requirements for the system in order for it to fully support all of our activities. We have had the GAMA team working with us for a month for installation and testing, and we can already now say that GAMA does everything which has been promised. This includes modification of the solution to our specific company requirements. Management and balancing account portfolios are already up and running in a real job quotes and we are also importing live transactions from the Quik system for reconciliation of balances on the individual portfolios held throughout the company. GAMA is of course a very comprehensive solution and it would not be feasible to attempt to test all the feature/functionality over one month. However, we have firmly been able to review the possibilities and the skills of the development team to the degree that we are confident that the system provides the ability to quickly be adapted to all of our requirements. This is why we have chosen to invest in GAMA.”