Maxim Chubarov, Head of Trading, Uglemetbank

«For us, the most attractive features in GAMA are the great customization capabilities and the rich choice of portfolio analytical indicators. This provides us with a convenient, and easy to understand, display of intelligent forms, graphs, charts and reports. During the review process we looked at various options for automated portfolio management, and this resulted in a decision in favour of implementing the solution proposed by InfoStroy. GAMA allows us not only evaluate the efficiency of investment in each individual security in a portfolio and the portfolio as a whole, it also provides us with detailed information on the sources of efficiency. This really helps to evaluate our investment management and make the necessary decisions. GAMA is integrated with Quik, from which it receives data on prices and transactions. Much work has been done to control the interaction of the two systems. There is still work to do on completing the integration of our REPO transactions into the system, and adjusting GAMA to our own computations of the portfolio management fees. However, already now we can say that our choice was the right one.”