Olga Burmistrova, Managing Director, DSK Finance (Russia)

«We have now worked with GAMA for more than 2 years. As the system design is very logical, it is incredibly easy to learn, both for people who have worked in the securities market for a long time, as well as for beginners. When we get new staff onboard, they manage to master GAMA very quickly. It is highly valuable for us as an organization that training is so easy, as this means there is virtually no loss of work time.

«In terms of generating reports, we benefit from the fact that it is easy to view and obtain the required data. This allows us to generate reports to suit individual customer requirements, something which is crucial in terms of documentation. I would also like to commend the high degree of responsiveness from the InfoStroy support team. Despite the fact that our company is located in Moscow, and InfoStroy is based in St. Petersburg, we are very pleased with how quickly employees of InfoStroy Ltd. respond to our needs and how fast they are in terms of helping to solve any issues we may have. As a result, we can only say one thing: We have never regretted choosing GAMA for our Portfolio Management.”