Sergey Mazarûk, MHead of Investment and Analysis of NPF «Orenburg NPF «Doverie»

«The strengthening of the control over the process of investment by the Central Bank of Russia and the changes in pension legislation required the Fund to participate more actively in the process of investment of pension funds, which is not possible without an appropriate software solution. When choosing GAMA, we were guided by our own goals, as well as the technical requirements for the software solution. Along with that, a truly important factor for us was the extensive experience of InfoStroy Ltd., as the company has worked in this market for decades. They certainly know what is required when reviewing and controlling the processes involved with investment of pension funds. GAMA has created a real opportunity for the Fund to step up to a new level of managing asset management companies. GAMA provides a long and impressive list of features the most important of which for NPF’s are:

  • automating the process of the investment management monitoring;
  • development of high-quality and reliable risk management system;
  • planning the structure of the investment portfolio, taking into account the obligations of the Fund.

Interacting with the Support department at InfoStroy, we see excellent and efficient working professionals, and we aim to develop a long-term business co-operation.»

Review after check performed by the CENTRAL BANK of RUSSIA for NPF «Orenburg NPF»Doverie”
«We completed the check in January. It took two months for the Bank of Russia to facilitate this process. I cannot imagine, how we would have survived, without your software solution. Based on this experience, if we were to do it all over again, it would take us much less time to make a decision to buy GAMA. Bearing in mind the requirements of the credit institutions, the Central Bank of Russia already requires from Funds like us, no NPF would survive without appropriate software. The main conclusion after the two months checking process is that the Central Bank of Russia believes that we can actively manage their portfolios rather than hope for the asset management companies to do a good job.»