Vyacheslav Afanasyev, Senior Specialist, Investment and Financial Analysis Department, NPF «Khanty-Mansiysky», Russia (GAMA since 2005)

«During the development of the Khanty-Mansiysk Private Pension Fund, we needed to review and analyze market information and account for the securities purchasd when placing pension reserves. We analyzed the software products on the market meeting against our specified requirements and chose GAMA from InfoStroy — the portfolio management software solution. The contract for software installation and maintenance was signed in Autumn 2005.

GAMA provides a very wide range of options; you just need to understand what you want from it. During the GAMA implementation, we sometimes found it difficult to appreciate what the software could do but solved all our problems with the aid of InfoStroy’s software support team. Until now we have not needed to use all of the software features but, as we change and develop, we find new options to help us.»