GAMA+ Features & Functionality


  • The grouping of positions for a given category (such as asset type, market sector, etc.)
  • Charts for the portfolio parameter dynamics
  • The grouping of portfolios for the calculation of consolidated indicators (market value, book value, profit \ loss, yield, etc.)
  • Statistics on the structure of the portfolio for a selected period (minimum \ medium \ maximum asset share in the portfolio)
  • Generating a report on the portfolio

Model Portfolios

  • Model portfolio definition (the market share of assets in the portfolio)
  • Comparison of the market share of assets in the model portfolio and the portfolio in real
  • Graphical display of the relative and absolute deviations of the parts of the model portfolio vs. the real one


  • Charts of any portfolio \ position parameter
  • Chart of the index value, the index return (TWR)
  • Special graphical comparison of the portfolio and index returns
  • Auto recalculation of the portfolio and index returns chart on the display period change
  • Display the structure of portfolios by 15 groups (types of assets, sectors, ratings, listing category, currency, etc.)
  • Ability to copy any graphics to the clipboard for pasting into other documents
  • Ability to show the state of the portfolio at the date marked on the chart
  • Ability to show the relative event from the site archive for the date marked on the chart (the state of the market on this date)
  • Chart of the portfolio structure changing for the life of the portfolio

Market Indices

  • Import values of selected indices from the FinAm site
  • The ability to create new import profiles
  • The use of indices for the portfolio management evaluation

CEO Monitor

  • The portfolios filter to display their consolidated data