GAMA Competitive Advantage

We’re often asked about the competitive advantages of the GAMA portfolio management solution. We also appreciate, that experts in Portfolio Management would like to understand how GAMA differs from other software systems for business investment available in the Russian market. Below you will find a quick overview, including key highlights and the main differentiators associated with GAMA.

When should you consider using a Portfolio Management Solution

If your company is faced with the task of automating the internal records, for the sole purpose of issuing regulations controlling the reporting and satisfying regulatory organisations, it is unlikely that implementing a GAMA portfolio management solution can be financially justified. For such requirements there are systems available in the market which can automate the back-office. They are relatively cheap and can — depending on the vendor — more or less cope with the task.

If the challenges you face have broader scope in terms of offering genuine support to your portfolio managers, working with non-residents, have to manage pool products and/or have a management holding company that controls the management of your assets, then we recommend that you consider investing in a GAMA portfolio management solution.

Competitive advantages of GAMA

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