How to Purchase GAMA

The cost of a GAMA license

GAMA is a comprehensive software solution with great potential. But as a rule, you do not need to purchase all the functionality of the solution at once. If you only need certain parts of the feature/functionality in order to solve the problems and task you are currently faced with, we will tailor your GAMA solution accordingly. Therefore, the price of a license to a GAMA solution depends on the following key parameters

  • The number of managed portfolios — this parameter is easy to understand once you have seen GAMA and are familiar with the term ‘portfolio’ in the system. But as way of explanation, this is usually the client.
  • The composition of modules: stocks, bonds (any financial instruments with a predefined structure of payments), forex, futures, bond portfolio modeling module, the calculation of the commissions, the calculation of NAV, etc.
  • The number of GAMA workstations

There are more options for tailoring the licence. However, we usually recommend a meeting where we can show you GAMA’s capabilities matched to your particular requirements before initiating a discussion on tailoring the licence on other parameters.

Implementation and Investment

After signing the license agreement on the GAMA solution, we invoice you 33% of the cost of the license. Once payment has been received, the implementing process commences. During the first calendar month you define how you want GAMA to meet your needs, express your wishes, and our experts will help you to enter initial balances, set up import of data, customize reports, advise you on how to solve certain problems with GAMA and, if possible, make any adjustments to the system needed for your normal work. At the end of this first calendar month we ask you to take final decision on the acquisition of the system and pay the rest of the licence fee. If you decide not to invest in GAMA, we will refund your payment minus the sum of the costs of implementation, which is 10% of the License Agreement.

Therefore, your risks are minimized and easy to calculate.

Annual service

The cost of maintaining the system during the first year is included in the initial License Agreement. During this first year you will have great opportunity to evaluate the efficiency improvements, the increased transparency and the business critical decision support GAMA brings to your company and business processes. After the first year, the annual maintenance cost of GAMA is 30% of the License Agreement.

However, should you not be completely happy, you have the right to cancel the annual maintenance after 12 months.