The name GAMA – Global Asset Management Assistant – reflects the main goal of the software: to be an indispensable assistant in asset management, both in the international financial markets and in Russia.

For over two decades, GAMA software solution has been used by large and medium-sized investors both in Russia and abroad including but not limited to pension funds, wealth management, private banking, insurance companies. They use GAMA to manage assets of their clients and of their own, or to control assets that were transferred for trust management.

GAMA management system is:

  • a wide range of accounting options, non-trivial asset valuation, management-related profit / loss accounting, unique analytics on the source of financial result: all kinds of financial instruments, accounting in any currency, complex portfolio structures, automation through transaction import, including real time transactions from trading terminals.
  • a wide range of analytical functions: a variety of tools for evaluating the effectiveness of asset management, forecasting the state of portfolios, embedded tools for data visualization, the ability to calculate your analytical indicators, the creation of composite portfolios* (synthetic portfolio) and benchmarks (synthetic index)
  • high-tech and efficient tools for risk assessment and control: interest rate risk, VAR calculation, stress testing and portfolio modeling, real-time limit monitoring, and now ALM.
  • minimal manual labor when working with initial data
  • an immense archive of market information: automated import from dozens of data sources providing financial instrument specifications, their quotes, indexes, exchange rates, interest rates, etc.
  • unique tools for integration with external software systems: three channels for generating reports of any complexity, data export to almost any format of an external system
  • a unique position in the market: the solution reflects 25 years of InfoStroy’s experience in solving a variety of non-standard customer tasks. In addition, our individual approach to each customer helps us customize the solution for the specifics of a particular company.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced support: the staff’s deep understanding of the subject area significantly increases the effectiveness of the provided consultations and helps expand the range of tasks that the GAMA team can assist with.

GAMA – a leader’s first choice!