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The conference was organized by the National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF). http://www.napf.ru/102507

At the conference InfoStroy’s Director of Marketing Dmitry Roman gave a presentation titled «You know how to invest – GAMA knows how to compute».

InfoStroy sponsored this prestigious All Russia conference (http://cbonds-congress.ru/events/309/.

On the first day of the conference InfoStroy’s Marketing Director Dmitry Roman gave an impressive presentation titled «You know how to invest – we know how to compute». The focus of the presentation was on new analytical and visualization features in GAMA version 12.0 to National Pension Funds.

Video of the presentation can be found here

On May 25, 2016 InfoStroy invited their users to the II Annual GAMA User conference. One of the topics presented was GAMA Version 12 new features.

The conference is an opportunity for attendees to update their technical knowledge, gain exclusive previews of upcoming functionality, meet their peers and talk with GAMA Development Team.

To get the GAMA 12 brochure send a request to Gama2019@infostroy.com.

InfoStroy is embarking on a very busy spring this year, as we will be attending — and speaking — at a number of conferences.

The 7th Russia Pension Congress March 17, 2016, Moscow, Russia


The aim of this high-profile event is to bring together government officials, pension industry leaders, and international experts, to showcase best practices and ways of building a stable and long-lasting pension systems in Russia. This is a ‘must attend’ event if you are involved in Pension funds in Russia.

User Conference on InfoStroy’s acclaimed Global Asset Management System — GAMA
May 25, 2016, St. Petersburg, Russia

We are happy to report that Users attending previous GAMA user conferences has provided a lot of positive feedback and suggestions for new feature/functionality in GAMA. Their feedback form the basis for this year’s conference.

InfoStroy is pleased to invite all GAMA Users to attend this year’s Conference in St Petersburg. The programme promises to be even more interesting than previous User Conferences and we aim to provide real ‘take away’ that will be useful to existing and potential users of our services.

Investfunds Forum VII — Institutional Investors Conference
May 26-27, 2016 St. Petersburg, Russia


Again this Year – InfoStroy is the main sponsor of the Forum. We aim to give delegates a presentation at the Forum with useful information and thought leadership views to all the participants

Dyalog ’16 Global User Meeting
October 9-13, 2016 Glasgow, United Kingdom


At the Dyalog ’16 Global User Meeting, InfoStroy’s Managing Director, Alexey Miroshnikov, will present the latest developments achieved in working with visualisation of the results of analytical calculations in the GAMA (Global Asset Management Assistant) software. Developed in Dyalog APL, the GAMA software suite is the market leading application for managing portfolios of assets in Russia and CIS countries.

InfoStroy sponsored a number of prestigious conferences during the winter 2015-2016 season

International Conference on «The Russian market NPF Reloaded in a pension maneuvers. The results of the structural changes and development prospects » — took place December 3rd 2015 in Moscow

InfoStroy sponsored this prestigious International conference, which was focused on «The Russian market of SPC: reboot in terms of pension maneuvers. The results of structural changes and prospects».

At the conference InfoStroy’s Director of Marketing Dmitry Roman gave a presentation named «GAMA: A new look at the Non State Run Pension Fund work.”

The conference was organised by the National Association of pension funds (NAPF).


Round Table discussion: IT-solutions for institutional investors — February 11, 2016, Moscow

The Round Table was titled «IT-solutions for institutional investors» and was organized by Cbonds.InfoStroy was the main sponsor.


The Round table was kicked off with a presentation by InfoStroy’s Marketing Director Dmitry Roman. The presentation was focused on new features in GAMA version 11.5 to National Pension Funds and was titled «GAMA: a new look at the work of the NPF. You know how to invest, we know how to compute».

InfoStroy is planning to participate and speak at several conferences during 2015. Below you can review the dates and events:

1. WorkshopWebinar «Practical implementation issues of risk management in Non Government Pension Funds (NPF).» Moscow, NAPF, 21/04/2015

The seminar is devoted to the theory and practice of risk management in general as well as having a specific focus on the special requirements for NPF’s.

2. Investfunds Forum V — Institutional Investor Conference
June 4—5, 2015, St. Petersburg

The Forum is organised to bring together all groups of institutional investors, and create an opportunity for managers to find new customers. For investors, the Forum is aiming to provide an opportunity to review, how they can get the best asset management deals.

InfoStroy Ltd. – represented by our leading GAMA brand — is sponsoring the Forum.

During the conference, InfoStroy will present the GAMA (Global Asset Management) solution. The Forum further gives us an opportunity to show delegates the new, and enhanced, dedicated NPF features, which we have implemented recently.

3. Dyalog ’15 International User Conference, Naxos Beach, Sicily, Italy, 06-10.09.15


Dyalog ’15, the annual opportunity for APL users to exchange experience, update their technical knowledge through product training and workshops and influence Dyalog Ltd’s direction through discussions with the Dyalog Development Team. Implemented in Dyalog APL, The Global Asset Management (GAMA) Solution is the leading application for asset management in Russia and the Former Soviet Republics.

“We have been studying the various software solutions available in the market with similar capabilities, and we found that GAMA offers the optimal price versus quality. InfoStroy, implemented a feature for quick generating of reports, reflecting the structure of the investment portfolios of the Fund in terms of assets, issuers, their credit quality, duration, echelon of liquidity, sector, etc. for us. Now we can immediately see how the financial result is made and, the extent to which it is influenced by transactions in different financial instruments. We hope that this will help us to facilitate a more in-depth dialogue with our management companies to improve the yield of the investment portfolios of the acceptable risk level for the Fund.”

«The strengthening of the control over the process of investment by the Central Bank of Russia and the changes in pension legislation required the Fund to participate more actively in the process of investment of pension funds, which is not possible without an appropriate software solution. When choosing GAMA, we were guided by our own goals, as well as the technical requirements for the software solution. Along with that, a truly important factor for us was the extensive experience of InfoStroy Ltd., as the company has worked in this market for decades. They certainly know what is required when reviewing and controlling the processes involved with investment of pension funds. GAMA has created a real opportunity for the Fund to step up to a new level of managing asset management companies. GAMA provides a long and impressive list of features the most important of which for NPF’s are:

  • automating the process of the investment management monitoring;
  • development of high-quality and reliable risk management system;
  • planning the structure of the investment portfolio, taking into account the obligations of the Fund.

Interacting with the Support department at InfoStroy, we see excellent and efficient working professionals, and we aim to develop a long-term business co-operation.»

Review after check performed by the CENTRAL BANK of RUSSIA for NPF «Orenburg NPF»Doverie”
«We completed the check in January. It took two months for the Bank of Russia to facilitate this process. I cannot imagine, how we would have survived, without your software solution. Based on this experience, if we were to do it all over again, it would take us much less time to make a decision to buy GAMA. Bearing in mind the requirements of the credit institutions, the Central Bank of Russia already requires from Funds like us, no NPF would survive without appropriate software. The main conclusion after the two months checking process is that the Central Bank of Russia believes that we can actively manage their portfolios rather than hope for the asset management companies to do a good job.»

«For us, the most attractive features in GAMA are the great customization capabilities and the rich choice of portfolio analytical indicators. This provides us with a convenient, and easy to understand, display of intelligent forms, graphs, charts and reports. During the review process we looked at various options for automated portfolio management, and this resulted in a decision in favour of implementing the solution proposed by InfoStroy. GAMA allows us not only evaluate the efficiency of investment in each individual security in a portfolio and the portfolio as a whole, it also provides us with detailed information on the sources of efficiency. This really helps to evaluate our investment management and make the necessary decisions. GAMA is integrated with Quik, from which it receives data on prices and transactions. Much work has been done to control the interaction of the two systems. There is still work to do on completing the integration of our REPO transactions into the system, and adjusting GAMA to our own computations of the portfolio management fees. However, already now we can say that our choice was the right one.”

«Any growing business requires innovation to be competitive. For our company, which is currently in the next stage of growth and development, the introduction of GAMA is a strategic step as the system will allow us to provide our customers with more timely, accurate information on the status of their assets. As a growing company, the introduction of GAMA also provides us with the platform which enables us to compete on a higher level. The introduction of GAMA and GAMA+ will further enable us to fully evaluate the effectiveness of portfolios by the GIPS method, thus increasing the overall transparency of our portfolio management. There certainly is a reason why the volume of assets managed by GAMA and its European versions today totals more than 850 billion Euros!»

«In addition to GAMA having a very good functional and a flexible system design, which allows us to solve many problems in the integration of operations with securities, another huge advantage is the people who work in the company. In terms of customer relationship and support InfoStroy is one of the best companies in Russia.»

«We evaluated a selection of systems on different platforms, but the approach to accounting and portfolio analysis in GAMA — which operates with a comprehensive integrated system for portfolio management — was closest to our internal views on how to manage the process. We still need to refine our requirements for the system in order for it to fully support all of our activities. We have had the GAMA team working with us for a month for installation and testing, and we can already now say that GAMA does everything which has been promised. This includes modification of the solution to our specific company requirements. Management and balancing account portfolios are already up and running in a real job quotes and we are also importing live transactions from the Quik system for reconciliation of balances on the individual portfolios held throughout the company. GAMA is of course a very comprehensive solution and it would not be feasible to attempt to test all the feature/functionality over one month. However, we have firmly been able to review the possibilities and the skills of the development team to the degree that we are confident that the system provides the ability to quickly be adapted to all of our requirements. This is why we have chosen to invest in GAMA.”

«The GAMA functionality and the embedded system for portfolio management of securities meet the requirements of automated systems for asset management, and suggest a complex solution to problems related to automated investments. The GAMA software solution allows you to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of portfolio management and provides a large amount of information necessary for making decisions on the choice of investment strategies. In addition, the quality and efficiency of the technical support in GAMA allows us to solve the problem of optimizing the investment process.»

«Despite the differences in the organization of the stock markets in Russia and Ukraine, we were able to fully implement all of our requirements into the GAMA solution within a year. This ranges from the structure of the portfolios to completing a variety of reports and analytics. InfoStroy played an important role and I would especially like to highlight the company’s openness to cooperation and their willingness to make changes to the solution. For us, the main advantage of the GAMA solution is that we have managed to combine the sales operation, back office and financial monitoring, into one single solution, which has greatly increased the efficiency of these units and the company as a whole.»

«We have now worked with GAMA for more than 2 years. As the system design is very logical, it is incredibly easy to learn, both for people who have worked in the securities market for a long time, as well as for beginners. When we get new staff onboard, they manage to master GAMA very quickly. It is highly valuable for us as an organization that training is so easy, as this means there is virtually no loss of work time.

«In terms of generating reports, we benefit from the fact that it is easy to view and obtain the required data. This allows us to generate reports to suit individual customer requirements, something which is crucial in terms of documentation. I would also like to commend the high degree of responsiveness from the InfoStroy support team. Despite the fact that our company is located in Moscow, and InfoStroy is based in St. Petersburg, we are very pleased with how quickly employees of InfoStroy Ltd. respond to our needs and how fast they are in terms of helping to solve any issues we may have. As a result, we can only say one thing: We have never regretted choosing GAMA for our Portfolio Management.”

«During the development of the Khanty-Mansiysk Private Pension Fund, we needed to review and analyze market information and account for the securities purchasd when placing pension reserves. We analyzed the software products on the market meeting against our specified requirements and chose GAMA from InfoStroy — the portfolio management software solution. The contract for software installation and maintenance was signed in Autumn 2005.

GAMA provides a very wide range of options; you just need to understand what you want from it. During the GAMA implementation, we sometimes found it difficult to appreciate what the software could do but solved all our problems with the aid of InfoStroy’s software support team. Until now we have not needed to use all of the software features but, as we change and develop, we find new options to help us.»

If you operate or manage portfolios of securities, you are not simply faced with the problem of assessing the impact of your investment. You could of course seek advice in the books on the theory of investment and financial management which describes various approaches to evaluating investments, the calculation of profits / losses and various types of returns. However, one can hardly find ANY practical guidance on how to apply this knowledge in major financial institutions and no advice is given on how to take the peculiarities of the Russian capital market into account. Read the whitepaper here.

Different legislation in individual countries can pose a challenge to investment companies -and in some cases even limit the extent of their activities. Investors are obviously forced to adhere to the legislation, and this means that diversification naturally is directed into business areas where the optimal investments are permitted and legal, as well as beneficial for the yield of the investment. Once the optimal instrument has been found and invested in, this leaves the task of integrating the monitoring of the investments into the Asset Management solution which looks after the entire business as a whole. Read the whitepaper here.

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The implementation in the NPF VTB Pension Fund has been completed, and GAMA is now monitoring the Fund’s portfolios of assets as well as the performance of the active management companies serving the fund.

( https://www.vtbnpf.ru/)

He is also giving us insight into the results the Fund has already achieved.

1. Why did you start to search for a software solution for portfolio management?

— There was a need to develop management accounts for each investment portfolio (a trust deed) as well as the whole consolidated portfolio of the Fund, with the possibility of grouping by issuer, industry and others, in order to consider the influence on the final result and the identification of risks. This is a huge task and prompted us to look at solutions available in the market. Our choice was GAMA because of its proven track record.

2. What are the problems you wanted to solve with the GAMA software?

— The answer to that is really straight forward: Simplification of ungrouping and grouping of portfolios, and the ability to do management analysis, in a single program block.

3. What solutions did you look at?

— We were really lucky to encounter the GAMA solution early in the search process. We also considered the views of Brokers currently using your software solution. We further gathered comments and views on products from other providers. This allowed us to shorten the time searching for the right solution and turn straight to a detailed look at the features of GAMA.

4. What were the key factors that prompted you to choose GAMA?

— The flexibility of the reporting format and the possibility of ensuring that our specific requirements could be taken into account.

5. What do you, as head of the company, think is critical in the implementation of a new IT solution?

— I particularly consider it to be critical that there is inertia in implementing the tasks deployed to the developers. It is further extremely critical that there is a willingness — and desire — to understand the specific requirements of our business. This allows for the right decisions to be made swiftly and saves on any possible additional development costs for implementation of intermediate scripts, to get the required end-reports.

6. How important is it for you to ‘play’ in the financial factor?

— As we are a non-profit organisation of social activities, the financial factor plays a significant role, and the flexibility of InfoStroys GAMA solution is saving us a lot of time.

7. What comes first when choosing a system; the financial conditions, the experience of the developer or the functionality of the solution?

— All three components are mutually complementary, but the flexibility of system setup and the constructive approach you have adopted in InfoStroy, in order to achieve satisfying terms of the agreement, was ultimately what allowed us to enter the contract.

8. When choosing a software solution what is the key needed requirements, and what comes as a pleasant surprise?

— The key was the possibility of managing the Fund’s consolidated portfolio, the visibility and transparency of the calculations and their results. What was also required was the ability to build focused results. The pleasant surprise was the possibility of doing the reconciliation with the active management companies and special depositary. The result was that we found — and highlighted — previously unknown errors in the portfolio assets valuation.

9. Why did you choose GAMA?

— Because of its features for easy integration into the system of risk management of NPF.

10. Who do you think are GAMA competitors at the Russian market?

— In terms of software solutions for NPF’s, with the features provided by GAMA, we have not seen any other providers!

11. What were your goals when implementing GAMA?

— Visibility and portfolio transparency, and the ability to compute forecasted results under different scenarios of market development, as well as creating portfolios of various content and structure.

12. What functionality in GAMA is the most valuable for you?

— The possibility of visibility generated in the context of the Fund’s portfolio composition and structure, as well as by industry and segments of the economy. All reflecting the current state of daily transactions and the accrued interest payments.

13. What was the most difficult part of the implementation, the easiest part, and what was unexpected?

— It was difficult to convince the asset management companies to generate daily reports in the unified format required for GAMA. The easy bit was to understand the GAMA features and their use. The pleasantly unexpected part was the readiness, approachability and hands-on help from the GAMA support manager at InfoStroy, in getting our historical data into GAMA.

14. How would you rate your service support during the implementation phase of GAMA?

— Active response to any request, you even addressed non-standard requests immediately. You also facilitated prompt implementation of the necessary refinement to comply with our non-standard requests.

15. Sometimes one of the downsides of GAMA is that it is called a «closed» solution , i.e. You need a program developer to make adjustments to the program. What do you think about this issue?

— The fact that GAMA is a «Closed» solution is fully covered by the operational response to the needs of the company, using GAMA. It is not an issue for us at all.

16. What would you like to highlight in the service and in the software InfoStroy has provided?

— The ability to use data provided by GAMA for IFRS report generation, as well as the ability to analyse the asset liquidity, according to turnover on the MICEX.

17. How important is the post-implementation support and maintenance?

— Considering the constant development and updating of GAMA you are undertaking, post-implementation service is truly significant and important, and InfoStroy has fully matched our expectations.

18. What are the goals you think have been achieved and which have not?

— We have achieved additional control and reconciliation of transactions, portfolio valuation, and our dealings with the asset management companies and special depositories. We are implementing a further integration with our general ledger software, as well as the generation of NPF specific reports, including those in the IFRS format, as well as the ability to analyse the liquidity of assets, based on their turnover on the MICEX.

19. Is the introduction of GAMA an investment or a cost?

— GAMA is an investment in the Fund’s future development.

20. What do you rate first: the portfolio management software or the service?

— The two is a whole package really – I consider it to be a complex, living organism. Without proper maintenance and support, we would never get the expected results.

21. What would you say to those who are currently in the process of looking for software for asset management?

— Look closely at what is available in the market — and try GAMA.

Our priorities remain the same as always: to ensure the comfort, clarity of presentation of the data, and the maximum automation of manual work. The newest GAMA version provides a completely new implementation of a tool for data visualisation which will enable ‘at a glance’ monitoring of the state of the Fund’s assets, as well as the performance of asset management companies.

Work continues on the expansion of the portfolio analysts. The new version provides advanced KPIs at the position level, such as the internal rate of return, and the period of closing the position.

We’re currently busy with the development work related to risk management, in particular, the VaR parametric method computations.

User will experience major help in the work on portfolio management as GAMA Version 11.5 will provide automatic reconciliation of the portfolio data against specialised depository reports. This functionality significantly reduces the time needed for reconciliation, and helps to avoid discrepancies in the results of in-house calculations versus that calculated by specialised depositories.

We are working hard on the embodiment of calculations and reporting in GAMA in accordance with the «Sector Accounting Standards for Securities Transactions in Non-credit Financial Institutions» (Central Bank Regulation # 494-P). We are currently planning to deliver this new functionality in GAMA 12.1 which will become available later this year.

InfoStroy has completed the integration of GAMA and the web services from Cbonds, and Interfax information services. Now subscribers of those agencies can automatically import the securities ratings and the issuer ratings into GAMA. CBonds customers are also able to import the security specifications, and other financial market data, into GAMA. This helps the users to receive actual market information seamlessly — and more to the point — free of typing errors.
Our customers have started to trade the inflation OFZ bonds (OFZ-IN) issued by the Russian Government on 17th July 2015. Computations related to these securities are very specific and they employ an approach which has never before been used on the Russian market. Hence, the official computation guidelines are not yet perfect. However, the GAMA updates have been delivered on time, and our customers are now able to work with the new asset in the usual GAMA way – that is to say; fast and comprehensive.

She graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics at St. Petersburg State University in 2015. Elizaveta studied C/C++ and Pascal programming languages, she also trained as a systems analyst in a Digital Design company.

«I like that I can use the knowledge I have, and at the same time I learn a lot of new and useful things from the sphere of finance. My new colleagues are always helpful which enables me to understand the emerging issues. Programming in APL was initially frightening because of the specific syntax and the ‘squiggles’, but it quickly stopped being so, and instead I now see it as a very useful and powerful programming language for me, and for InfoStroy. «

During her younger school days Elizaveta graduated from the School of Music in piano and she still plays. In her spare time she practices yoga and loves to roller skate.

At InfoStroy we always care deeply about the quality of our solutions, but service and support is also strongly in our focus, and we are renowned by our customers for the quality of our support. As we always aim to be operative and useful to all of our clients we have now taken the consequence, and opened a new office in Moscow. This will allow us to provide even stronger support for our Moscow based clients. If you are based in Moscow, you can get advice by telephone, email or Skype from our Moscow office based specialist. You can also arrange a meeting in our new Moscow office for a personal consultation — at a convenient time for you. Meet our best specialists face to face, and they will provide you with full and comprehensive answers to your queries.

InfoStroy’s new Moscow office is located at:

BC ‘Avion’, Building 47-2, Leningrad pr., Moscow
Phone: +7 (499) 963-0025

The implementation of GAMA in the Private Pension Fund AO «NPF «Volga-Capital” has been completed, and GAMA is now managing the Fund’s portfolios of assets. For more information visit www.volga-capital.ru

NPF «MECHEL-FUND» (www.penfosib.ru)

NPF “Surgutneftegaz» (www.npfsng.ru)

JSC NPF «Almaznaya osen» (www.npf-almaz.ru)

InfoStroy is pleased to announce another successful implementation of their portfolio management system GAMA. The implementation in the private Pension Fund ZAO «NPF» Promagrofond has been completed, and GAMA is now managing the Fund’s portfolios of assets.


«The most significant result of the introduction of GAMA in “NPF” Promagrofond is that the Fund can now easily track, and check, their Asset Management Company’s activities. This has not only eliminated a huge amount of administrative paperwork, it has also facilitated that the Fund has easy access to all the vital information in relation to the current climate in the investment market. An independent evaluation of the asset management solution has clearly demonstrated GAMA’s effectiveness in areas comprising; checking that investments are undertaken in compliance with the current legislation, risk assessment of the portfolios, identifying strengths — and weaknesses — of the Governors, providing in-depth overview of market transactions in assets. Last – but not least – the solution allows the Fund to present this large amount of information in the form of clear and informative reports, which gives instant overview, and helps to make fast management decisions», says marketing director Dmitry Roman from InfoStroy.

Another successful implementation of the portfolio management solution GAMA has recently been completed in the privately run pension fund ZAO Orenburg NPF ‘Doverie’, where GAMA now manages all portfolios of assets.

Sergei Mazaryuk, Head of investment and analysis of ZAO Orenburg NPF ‘Doverie’, commented, «The requirement for strengthening the control over the process of investment, issued by the Bank of Russia, as well as changes in pension legislation, necessitates the Fund to participate more actively in the process of investing pension funds. Without GAMA, we would not have been able to comply easily with these new requirements.

«We chose GAMA, because it was clear that the solution could process the mandatory tasks with ease. GAMA also offers a large degree of flexibility, and gives us the possibility of implementing future functionality. In addition, the long experience InfoStroy Ltd. has in asset management was a very important factor for us.

«By implementing GAMA, the Fund has a real opportunity to take the operation to a new level when working with asset management companies. The solution allows us to solve a variety of problems, the most important of which are:

  • investment management automation
  • development of a high quality — and reliable — risk management system
  • planning the structure of the investment portfolio with regard to the legal obligations of the Fund.

«When interacting with the GAMA support department, we experience a flawless and efficient relationship with highly qualified professionals, and we are looking forward to a long-term business cooperation.»

InfoStroy is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the latest issue of InfoStroy News, available to view here.

In this issue of InfoStroy News. we provide you with a sneak preview of new developments going into GAMA version 11. We also present an interview with Ivan Borisenko, Managing Director of the asset management company DOSTOYANIE, who tells us about how they chose a new portfolio management system and how it is performing. You can also keep track on the conferences where InfoStroy is presenting, and more.

InfoStroy is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the latest issue of InfoStroy News, available to view here.

In this issue, our main story is the launch of GAMA Version 10.0, our response to market requirements for increased analytical capabilities, and addressing needs for enhanced risk calculation, and portfolio modelling. Among other stories covered is InfoStroy’s move into online social media and also an interview with Maxim Maximov, Head of Financial Management at NPF «Telecom-Soyuz».

InfoStroy Ltd. is pleased to announce the immediate availability of GAMA Version 10.0, which responds to a market-wide move for increased analytical capabilities and introduces a number of new modules.

Until now, the majority of users have relied on GAMA for detailed accounting support, efficient back-office operations and for regulatory reporting. GAMA 10.0 addresses emerging needs for enhanced portfolio analytics, risk calculation, and portfolio modeling.

Portfolio analytics and modeling are addressed through a new module – Model Portfolio – which includes new calculation options for the average invested capital (AIC) and the time weighted return (TWR). Another new module – VaR Analysis – addresses GAMA’s increasing use in Risk Management departments.

GAMA 10.0 also sees a move to 64-bit design for the base architecture. Support for previous 32-bit versions will continue but the move to 64-bit brings significant benefits in memory and database management and an overall increase in speed.

GAMA 10.0 is entirely based on the Unicode standard. In terms of accessing the markets, some of which use their own alphabets and encodings, Unicode provides undeniable and significant advantages for GAMA users.

Managing Director Alexey I. Miroshnikov commented, “With our latest iteration of GAMA, InfoStroy firmly believes that Version 10.0 takes yet another big step to provide you with a unique software solution that operates as a reliable and stable foundation for your business”.

New Features

  • New calculation options for Average Invested Capital (AIC) and Time Weighted Return (TWR)
  • Model Portfolio Module
  • VaR Analysis Module
  • Favourites functionality
  • 64-bit architecture
  • Unicode-based

For more information on the new features, please contact the support group by phone +7(812) 325-9093 or e-mail gama@infostroy.com.

InfoStroy is pleased to announce the completion of the development work for calculating Long and Short positions in compliance with the Regulation on Risk Reduction.

Our implementation of the computation-intensive coverage calculations for both long and short portfolio positions differs from others by being fully integrated into the GAMA asset management software and thus requires no manual intervention at all.

The system now offers two algorithm for coverage calculation:

  • Automatic selection of assets for the coverage based on import of the correlation coefficients from the stock exchange
  • Manual selection of assets for the coverage based on the correlation coefficients computed by GAMA for the specified group of assets.

We have also implemented a report for the special depository on the long and short positions coverage.

If you would like to know more about these new features or discuss other feature /functionality in GAMA, please contact Dmitry Roman on Phone +7 (812) 325-9797 or e-mail him directly on DRoman@InfoStroy.com

InfoStroy is pleased to announce a new successful implementation of the portfolio management solution — GAMA. The new implementation was completed at the Treasury of Uglemetbank — www.coalmetbank.ru — where GAMA is now managing the bank’s portfolios of assets.

«For us, the most attractive features in GAMA are the great customization capabilities and the rich choice of portfolio analytical indicators. This provides us with a convenient, and easy to understand, display of intelligent forms, graphs, charts and reports. During the review process we looked at various options for automated portfolio management, and this resulted in a decision in favour of implementing the solution proposed by InfoStroy. GAMA allows us not only evaluate the efficiency of investment in each individual security in a portfolio and the portfolio as a whole, it also provides us with detailed information on the sources of efficiency. This really helps to evaluate our investment management and make the necessary decisions. GAMA is integrated with Quik, from which it receives data on prices and transactions. Much work has been done to control the interaction of the two systems. There is still work to do on completing the integration of our REPO transactions into the system, and adjusting GAMA to our own computations of the portfolio management fees. However, already now we can say that our choice was the right one,” said Head of Trading in Uglemetbank, Maxim Chubarov.

Taking the consequence of their strategic move into new markets outside Russia all the way through to their visual branding, InfoStroy, the leading Russian developer of solutions for management of portfolios of securities, has launched a dual language website in a new contemporary design.

Founder and MD of InfoStroy, Alexei Miroshnikov, says, “When we decided to embark on the development of GAMA +, the analytics and data visualisation module that sits across GAMA, it quickly became clear that we would now need to work with a stronger branding strategy. This has resulted in a complete re-design of the visual image and a new website. As we have also been experiencing increased sales of GAMA outside the Russian market, we have found it necessary to adopt a dual language approach with Russian and English content being equally represented. When we originally embarked on the development of a solution for portfolio analysis we worked closely with Western partners, and today more than 20% of all pension funds administered by the Pension Funds in Russia are managed and accounted for through the portfolio accounting and analysis in GAMA. Building on our experience in working with European partners, we decided to work with a design and website development partner in the UK to ensure a modern look ‘n feel with easy navigation and the new design will hopefully make it much easier for our customers to find all the product information they need. The new site further reflects that fact that InfoStroy has been developing an increasing number of customised solutions for different market applications such as Pension Funds, Wealth Management Companies, Banking Investment Divisions, Investment Management companies and more.”

Vibeke Ulmann, Managing Partner of Catalyst Communications in London, has worked closely with InfoStroy on the development of the new website. She says, “It has been a really interesting project for us as a company. InfoStroy is our first Russian based client and we were incredibly proud to have been selected to work with their new communications strategies. The process of developing the new visual identity has been fun and challenging as we needed to evolve to an image which adequately reflects the sophisticated solutions the company develops and markets. Speaking from a personal point of view, the project has also been a welcome challenge as it has forced me into a steep learning curve in terms of the market leading Portfolio Management and Settlement Solutions that InfoStroy markets. It is obvious to me why the company has carved such a significant market position in Russia and why the solutions are now sought after in markets outside their traditional home market.»

InfoStory will now be seeking feedback from the users. Most notably, the site will frequently be updated with new product information as well as press releases and case studies. The company is also planning on launching an electronic newsletter in the near future.

If you would like to peruse the new website please visit www.infostroy.com.

InfoStroy Ltd., a leading developer of portfolio management software in Russia, is launching GAMA 9.0.

One of the most significant differences in the new version is the increased system performance. This has been achieved through better use of multi-core capabilities, as well as the use of a powerful new version of the Dyalog APL interpreter.

At the same time, InfoStroy is also releasing a 64-bit version of GAMA especially designed to work with particularly large amounts of data. The 64 bit version could be considered a predominantly technical release, however, InfoStroy points out that a significant amount of work has gone into the programming. Using 64-bit has also provided the platform to further develop the basic computation algorithms in GAMA in virtually unlimited memory. In the near future, GAMA users can therefore expect an impressive speedup of hitherto time consuming tasks.

As part of the development of the new version, great effort has been put into the expansion of interfaces to external sources of information. For example, InfoStroy has successfully solved an inherent problem relating to the Russian market, namely — keeping up to date references to securities and issuers. Because of this, users now have the ability to seamlessly import security specifications from three different sources, and use the history of the credit ratings of issuers in the portfolio accounting and analysis. Special attention is given the import of foreign securities quotes from the YAHOO! FINANCE –site. Consequently there is now no need to specially prepare the data, as the GAMA import can just be run.

Thanks to the improvement of the communication interface with trading systems, in particular, Quik, users are now able to fully meet the challenges of middle-office, see the on-line status of the portfolio and control limits. By importing all the required data, GAMA can now perform a reconciliation of imported transactions against the supporting documents the following day.

The accounting system functionality has been expanded to take into account the accrued interest of deposits in accounts receivable, count the cash balance on the scheduled dates of payment, as well as calculate the average portfolio value for the management company commission modules on weekdays only. It should also be noted that InfoStroy has developed a fundamentally new method for calculating profit and loss on swap contracts in the Forex module. The new method fully meets the objectives for using it as a hedge.

InfoStroy is convinced that Version 9.0 will help users of GAMA to an even easier and more convenient workflow and has already begun working with major clients on their upgrade.

See a list of all the enhancements and changes in GAMA 9.0 here.

If you would like to find out more about the many improvements in GAMA 9.0 please contact the GAMA support team on Phone: +7 (812) 232-1434 or e-mail: gama@infostroy.com.

InfoStroy, a leading Russian developer of solutions for management of portfolio of securities, announces new functionality in the integration between GAMA Portfolio Management and external data sources as follows;

  • A solution to address a complex and well-known problem in the Russian market on maintaining current and correct references of the issuers and the securities. Previously, the solution to this problem was addressed by imports from issuer websites and from Cbonds Investfunds. Unfortunately, experience has shown that frequent changes in the structure of these websites lead to incorrect behavior of imports. However, since the same information, which provides Cbonds, is publicly available on Finam Rusbonds, imports have been designed to complement the existing capabilities of the system. Thus, if for some reason, customers cannot update their directories, bond users are now able to do this with two additional imports.
  • A solution to a well-known problem when importing the credit rating history of the issuers. As many Portfolio Managers will know, importing information about the issuer from open sources is always fraught with the problem of compliance, especially when it comes to matching the issuers in the accounting system with the data source, as there is no option to uniquely identify the issuer. The name of the issuer cannot be used because it may change, the search for TIN is not used in all the resources, and often it is not even entered into the database system because it is not required legally and therefore is not used in reporting. InfoStroy has now implementing a new import for the history of ratings of issuers to hold a binding code for the security using the website from the Cbonds agency. Thus, if the database in GAMA contains at least one bond issuer, the user now has the ability to automatically download and update the history of its top credit ratings from international rating agencies.
  • A newly designed facility for importing quotations for securities using YAHOO! FINANCE as the information resource. This provides GAMA users with the opportunity to receive instant information on securities trading on leading trading floors around the world.
  • Improvements of the system modules responsible for importing transactions from Quik, which has resulted in significantly improved stability. Bearing in mind, that the system allows in-line quotes and import transactions from the trading system, and Quik, respectively, to carry out a rapid assessment of portfolios — taking into account the imported information. Further, the module has been designed for matching imported transactions from Quik with the broker reports — the primary document for recording transactions. The user thus has full control over the information received from various sources and can quickly identify and resolve emerging differences.

For more information about the possibilities, please click here.

InfoStroy, the leading developer of portfolio management software in Russia, announces a new upgrade to their GAMA FOREX module.

The new update includes a complete re-design of the profit/loss calculations for swap contracts. Hence, when doing currency swaps to hedge currency risks, GAMA now allows the calculation of the profit to the full extent corresponding to the ‘logic’ of an operation. Suppose that you enter into the swap by buying in dollars for roubles. You then get an asset denominated in dollars, which is uniformly increasing in price. Now, regardless of changes in the exchange rate USD / RUR, a graph of the profit/loss rouble portfolio over time will look like Figure 1.

Figure 1: Profit/Loss hedged currency position

Other changes include an update for forward exchange. The new scheme provides for payments, which are spaced in time i.e. the date of the contract, the profit fixing date, and the date the profit is received.

For more information about the possibilities of the new FOREX module, please click here (link to GAMA Maintenance page)

Managing Director and co-founder, Alexey Mirosnikov, says, “We have travelled a long and arduous journey from the days when three enthusiasts founded the company just as the Russian Federation epoch started. This allowed us work with Western partners in a project to develop a solution for portfolio analysis. Today, we have group of companies with more than 60 employees and we’re considered the leading provider of portfolio management and analysis in Russia.”

“Looking back and remembering the traversed path, I am pleased to note our achievements and the resulting market position. We are incredibly proud that more than 20% of all pension funds administered by the Pension Funds in Russia today are managed and accounted for through the portfolio accounting and analysis in GAMA. And the number of customers and partners has continued to grow year on year.”

“We have managed to retain the core team — professionals who started the business two decades ago (scary thought!). But equally important, we have also been able to recruit new young talented employees – so we have someone to rely on in the future.”

“I believe that one of the reasons for our success is that we have been able to maintain an efficient balance between cooperation with our European partners and working with clients in Russia and the post-Soviet market space. In doing so, we have managed to safeguard the business and make it highly resilient to the financial shocks of recent years, whilst still offering our customers the use of the most advanced European technology in portfolio management.”

“The future always has its challenges, but we have reason to believe that we are on track to continue to achieve our goals on a going forward basis. More importantly, we will continue to help our users to become even more productive when working with GAMA, the best Portfolio Management Solution in the market today.”

InfoStroy Ltd., a leading developer of portfolio management solution software in Russia, announces that Andrew Goloushkinym has joined their Development team. Andrew joins in a new job role which represents an expansion of the team.

Andrew graduated 2 years ago from Baltic State Technical University ‘Voenmekh’ at D. Ustinov (St. Petersburg), where he studied at the faculty of Control Systems. He is specialised in Information Systems and Technology. During training, he further studied programming languages such as Delphi and Pascal, and Andrew has also completed several courses on application development in Java.

Upon joining Infostroy, where the main programming language is Dyalog APL, Andrew said, «Getting Started with APL was a discovery for me, mostly because this language is completely different to any other language I know. Initially I thought that it would be extremely difficult to learn. But I soon realized that APL simply takes a fundamentally different approach to programming, and once I understood that, it turned out to be much easier than any other programming language I’ve used. After a week or so I came to appreciate that APL is incredibly suitable for developing applications with large amounts of financial and mathematical calculations.”

«In addition to programming I am interested in playing sports such as football and basketball. I am a fan of ‘Zenith’ football club in St. Petersburg. I follow the team on the TV screen and, if possible, at the stadium. Additionally, I am fond of chess and at school I won the city and regional competitions «- says Andrew about his hobbies.

Andrew will join the development team for GAMA Portfolio Management and will mainly be focused on the development and support capabilities of the system to integrate with external data sources.

The Leading Portfolio Management Software vendor in Russia — InfoStroy Ltd. — today announced that they will be sponsoring the Wealth Management and Private Banking in Russia & CIS Conference which is taking place in Moscow on January 30-31, 2012. The Conference is the premier event in Russia where professionals working in wealth management on behalf of private clients and banking meet up to discuss topics such as; diversifying investment portfolios, tax strategies, and other relevant subjects.

Dmitry Roman, Marketing Manager at InfoStroy says, “Legislation in individual countries creates certain restrictions on the conditions and rules of conducting investment business. As a result, there is a natural tendency for investors to diversify into business areas where a certain type of investment is not limited or restricted and is expected to be profitable. This further means that investment managers are increasingly required to evaluate the entire investment business as a whole, rather than evaluating individual assets. Solving problems in portfolio management for investments in global markets is – for obvious reasons — not a topic which is discussed widely and openly in the professional community. Therefore, most policy decisions in this area are classified as ‘internal’. It is well known, that internal software developments to support these policies are often riddled with weaknesses. This is where the GAMA Asset Management Software Suite can make a major difference to companies. GAMA is a unique solution, combining years of experience of many investment management companies handling highly complex, non-trivial situations, into one integrated solution. Users of GAMA habitually become so reliant on the system that they switch it on at the same time as their e-mail and stock information.”

At the Wealth Management and Private Banking Conference, GAMA will be demonstrated live and interested parties will get an opportunity to get acquainted with some of the sophisticated feature/functionality the solution offers for portfolio management and managing client assets in global markets. The live demo will include:

  • New features for effective accounting and portfolio analysis using the control system in GAMA
  • The advanced functionality and the easy-to-use analytical tools embedded within the portfolio management in GAMA
  • The construction of complex structures of investment portfolios and their use in practice, demonstrating GAMA managing investments in global markets
  • The ease of integrating the GAMA Portfolio Management Solution into existing software solutions in YOUR company

Established in 1990 InfoStroy Ltd. designs, implements and maintains Integrated Financial Software Solutions. Outside of its Russian shareholders, InfoStroy is backed by Danish Insight System ApS and Italian based APL Italiana SpA — the leading European developer of financial software for Asset Management in Insurance companies. Since 1992, InfoStroy has been developing and marketing systems for portfolio management, also known as Asset Management). Since 1998 the company has further developed and marketed systems for settlement management and fund management.

To register for the Wealth Management and Private Banking in Russia & CIS Conference please go to: